Game that allows players to carry out school shooting shocks Parkland survivors

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Active Shooter is slated to go on sale June 6 on the Steam digital distribution platform. Players can assume the role of the shooter himself, or play as an elite SWAT team member tasked with neutralizing him.

The statement also claims that the game was originally meant to make only the swat team officer playable, but the developer then added the ability to play as the shooter or a civilian.

However, the game's publisher, Acid, said in a statement that "after receiving such high amount of critics and hate", it will likely remove the role of the shooter and only let players control the "good guys".

A description of the game comes with the following disclaimer: "Please do not take any of this seriously". The post reads, "While I can see people's anger and why this might be a bad idea for the game, I still feel like this topic should be left alone".

Earlier this year, news broke of a VR-based simulator called EDGE being used to train teachers, to prepare them for dealing with school shootings.

"I love offensive humour as much as the next guy, but you're dense as hell if you can't see why a pay-to-play school shooting simulation game might be taking it a step too far", said one user.

"There have been 22 school shootings in the USA since the beginning of this year", an Infer Trust representative told the BBC. But Active Shooter, which takes its title from the police term used to describe an armed person who has already fired shots, will take place in a school.

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"If your kids think this is a fun game to play, there are bigger conversations to have than just about a video game", said Rice.

The Miami Herald reports Acid said in a blog post that its game doesn't promote violence and that it might remove the shooter's role.

Active Shooter is being derided by gamers on social media and the developer is seemingly embracing controversy to boost sales.

"I have wrote to Valve regarding this game and waiting for the reply. We're appalled that the game is being marketed", the spokesperson said. Revival games has also been accused of selling "asset-flipped" games, a process where games are repackaged and then sold with only minor modifications.

More than 54,000 people have signed a petition as of Tuesday demanding that the game's release be shut down.

Acid noted that other violent games have existed on Steam's platform, including a 2015 game that involved killing civilians at random, though not in a school setting.

"This is inexcusable. Any company that develops a game like this in wake of such a horrific tragedy should be ashamed of itself", he tweeted. "If you feel like hurting someone or people around you, please seek help from local psychiatrists or dial 911 (or applicable)", it said.