Boosting GOP, Trump accuses Pelosi of being an 'MS-13 lover'

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Bob Corker's seat, he spoke disparagingly of businessman Phil Bredesen, the former state governor and former mayor of Nashville.

Yet Trump - and perhaps his aides - are hardly steeped in details of some key races, a point made clear Wednesday night when he endorsed a NY congressman on Twitter and praised him for supporting the Republican tax cut bill a year ago.

The race in Tennessee is critical for both parties in the upcoming election.

President Trump was back on the campaign trail Tuesday night. "I think what happens is you get complacent".

Trump offered an early endorsement of Blackburn in April, tweeting that she is "a wonderful woman who has always been there when we have needed her".

A moment later, the president told the crowd that Republicans "need Marsha in the Senate to continue the great progress and work we've done in the last year and a half", adding: "There has never been an administration - and even some of our enemies are begrudgingly admitting this - that has done what we've done in the first year and a half". But Marie Claire reports that he is "pro-choice" and it is unlikely Democratic Senate leaders would tolerate one of their members voting against their interests, given the chamber's narrow margin.

Polls now show that Bredesen has a higher favorability rating among the state's voters than Blackburn, though the former governor also has higher name recognition. "I don't know who the hell wrote that line", he said to applause.

"The MS-13 lover, Nancy Pelosi". She has been one of Congress' more high-profile pro-lifers, thanks in large part to her leadership role on the House Select Panel on Infant Lives which investigated Planned Parenthood's sale of, and alleged profit from, aborted babies' body parts. Another is to cast his foes in terms as scary as possible, using voters' fears to his - and Republicans' - potential advantage. Trump says he was referring to MS-13 gang members when he used the term.

Trump is also expected to travel in the coming weeks to North Dakota, Montana, Missouri, and West Virginia, the New York Times reported, citing White House officials familiar with the president's summer strategy. Bernie Sanders, in his words, "getting screwed" out of his party's nomination. "She certainly fits the mold of the electorate that chose President Trump - and so I don't see her losing in the general election".

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Blackburn began her political career in Middle Tennessee by founding the Williamson County Young Republicans, then chairing the county Republican party from 1989 to 1991. The Tennessee crowd booed. He then tried to tie Bredesen to Clinton, whom he easily defeated in the Volunteer State by 26 percentage points.

But she faces stiff competition from Democrat Phil Bredesen in the midterm election this November.

Over the past month Trump has held campaign-style rallies or speeches in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee - all states he carried in 2016, and where Republicans are facing tough Senate races. He has led Blackburn in recent polls.

Trump added that Bredesen donated to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in 2016, saying, "Phil Bredesen supported her and he supported her ideas".

This was the President's third time in Tennessee since taking office. "That's what senators ought to do". The Senate is now controlled by 51 Republicans, and has 47 Democrats and two independents who caucus with Democrats.

In 2010, Bredesen declined to either sign or veto a measure opting Tennessee out of Obamacare's abortion coverage mandate, allowing it to take effect with the knowledge that the legislature had the votes to override any veto he would make anyway.

Bredesen, who is attempting to become the first Democrat to win a Senate campaign in Tennessee since Al Gore in 1990, has aired TV ads in which he says that he's "not running against Donald Trump" and that he learned long ago to "separate the message from the messenger". "They're more interested in taking care of criminals than they are in taking care of you".

"We're not going to be a stupid country anymore", he said, implying the Obama era made the country just that.