Scientists At MIT Create A "Psycopath" AI By Feeding It Graphic Images

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Then, they fed Norman with data from Reddit, from a user "that is dedicated to document and observe the disturbing reality of death". Nonetheless, the results are spine-chilling.

The second trial consisted of a Rorschach test where both the psychopath AI and a friendly AI had to interpret the inkblots. That said, Norman's responses to the test are still pretty disturbing, to say the least.

Norman was created to give captions to the photos and when it did, the results were expectedly horrific.

When standard AI saw a vase with flowers, Norman saw a man shot dead.

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Artificial intelligence sees computers and machines trained to do tasks that historically have required the human brain. Norman's choices are alarming to say the least. Whereas a "normal" AI reported "a black and white photo of a small bird", Norman captioned the inkblot as "man gets pulled into dough machine". This method is also known as "Statistical Learning" because it involves a vast amount of data that is drip fed through the system to help it make predictions. In 2017, a team created Shelley, an AI that co-wrote 200 horror stories after it was trained on a collection of eerie tales. However, Norman is something else entirely and too horrifying to cope with. While a typical AI might see a close-up of a wedding cake on a table, Norman will look at that same inkblot test and see a man who had been murdered by a speeding driver. By creating Norman, the team wanted to pinpoint possible reasons responsible if an AI decides to go nuts. In other words, they never wanted to create a psychopath, but it became maniac as all it knew about the world was learned from the frightful Reddit pages.

According to the researchers, the psychopath AI was set to perform image captioning which is considered a deep-learning technique of generating textual descriptions of images.

The team found Norman's interpretations of the imagery - which included electrocutions, speeding vehicle deaths and murder - to be in line with a psychotic thought process. The goal of Norman AI is to demonstrate that artificial intelligence can not be unfair and biased unless such data is fed into it.