Trump tweet may doom House Republicans' effort on immigration

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Mr. Will claimed the "most telegenic example" of a need to oust Republicans exists with the administration's "zero tolerance" policy regarding illegal immigrants along the USA southern border.

"Republicans should stop wasting their time on Immigration until after we elect more Senators and Congressmen/women in November", he tweeted. "They don't talk about the death and destruction caused by people that shouldn't be here, people that will continuously get into trouble and do bad things", Trump said. Parents were jailed and children taken to government-contracted shelters.

US President Donald Trump took an U-turn and changed his own policy amid strong protest by American people. There are huge criticism and outcry in America over the way undocumented parents and children have been kept forcibly apart. The majority of children separated from parents are in the care of HHS - and there's no real plan as for how to reunite them.

She called on Democrats to help Trump fix the immigration system - after Trump said Republicans should wait until after November's congressional elections.

Stubborn differences between conservative and more moderate Republicans in the House have stalled immigration legislation on Capitol Hill, with a vote on a compromise measure delayed until next week. "Tho they would not let us pass through, knowing that those children were there on the other side of the barbed wires, in a desert where the heat was easily over 100, made me want to fight even harder to".

"We want people in our country based on merit, not based on a draw where other countries put their absolute worst in a bin and they start drawing people", he said told the victim families, also known as "angel families".

Mr Trump said on Friday that even if a measure passes, it is doomed in the Senate.

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Although President Donald Trump abruptly reversed course on Wednesday following a wave of outrage at home and overseas and abandoned his policy of separating children from parents who are apprehended for illegally crossing the US-Mexico border, the fate of the more than 2,300 children already separated from their parents while Trump's policy was still in force is unknown. He has falsely blamed Democrats for forcing them to enforce the policy. They also downplayed the potential impact of Trump's tweet.

"Regarding the President, the bottom line is that he will sign the bill into law".

The president reassured them that would not happen, they said. At criminal court hearings in McAllen, one lawyer identified parents separated from their children, and immigration attorney Jodi Goodwin said she followed up with them at a detention facility in Port Isabel, Texas, to collect information about their cases and their children.

"The strictest immigration rhetoric possible is the most effective politically for them", Yarmuth said, "They [the Trump administration] don't have any clue as to what reality is".

In a second tweet today, he says that the border has posed challenges to the country but since Schumer and Pelosi who are democrats are a week on border security and crime, will have to do something to provide a long-term solution to the problem.

"What is happening in this country is disgusting", said Bilbao, who worked as a cleaning woman before becoming a legal resident and now works for an immigrant rights group.