Woman survives seven days on radiator water after crash

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During a press conference on Monday, officials said a missing OR woman who was found at the bottom of a cliff near Big Sur survived only on water for seven days and added that Angela Hernandez "is one unbelievable fighter". She veered off the edge of a cliff, police said, and crashed about 200 feet below, where the ocean meets a rocky beach that is largely isolated from those driving above it.

Hernandez told them she had driven off the cliff one week earlier after swerving to avoid a rabbit.

Chelsea Moore made her way to a camp and called 911 before spotting a missing person handout with Hernandez's photo. Hernandez had a shoulder injury and concussion, but could walk and talk, according to officials.

"In my head, I thought that maybe someone had died and we would give these items to the next of kin", she said. Most automotive antifreeze contains ethylene glycol, which can be fatal in doses of just a few hundred milliliters, though some formulations use safer propylene glycol.

"It's usually the fall that gets them, or the ocean that gets them, and she was lucky to survive both", stated Monterey County Sheriff's Office spokesperson John Thornburg, to Reuters.

"I found a high spot I was able to climb up to and found myself there nearly every day", Hernandez wrote. "That's all it would take to make it back to my family", she wrote. She'd awake to watch the sun rise, soaked in sea mist.

"The past week has been unlike anything I've ever experienced in my entire life", Hernandez wrote in a Facebook post over the weekend.

The story of Angela Hernandez's ordeal started when a rabbit crossed the road. She spotted her demolished SUV washed up on the shore.

Adventurer Chad Moore and his wife Chelsea Moore were hiking when they found Hernandez.

Hernandez said she suffered a brain hemorrhage, fractured ribs, broken and fractured collar bones, a collapsed lung, ruptured blood vessels in her eyes and intense sunburns. "Just one person noticing me".

Emergency personnel used ropes to pull the woman up from the bottom of the cliff

At night, she slept - and dreamed about being rescued.

"We just want to thank everybody. that helped", she told CNN affiliate KGO. "She told us we were the first people she had seen in days but she didn't know how many days exactly".

The Sheriff's Office, with help from the California Highway Patrol and the National Guard, conducted a search of Highway 1 between Carmel Highlands and Big Sur and along Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, which connects to Highway 101 as a detour to Southern California around the Highway 1 closure at the Mud Creek slide, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I took off my seatbelt and found a multi-tool I kept near my front seat. I looked up and saw a huge patch of moss with water dripping down from it.

Hernandez described the next days as a blur, walking up and down the desolate beach in search of a way out.

The next few days were a monotonous slog for Hernandez, who ritualistically scanned the beach for people and potential places to make her way up the cliff. She was transported to a nearby hospital and treated for her injuries. They didn't realize search and rescue teams had been trying to locate the auto for days.

Bernal said Hernandez had a good feeling when she arose on the seventh day.

Authorities had been looking for Hernandez for a week, not knowing she had plummeted down a steep cliff on a long stretch of coastal highway.

"We turned around and Angela was right there on the rocks".

The couple spoke to Hernandez on the phone Thursday night, he said. "And then came around another bend and we saw the vehicle", said Chelsea Moore. "But she was happy at the same time". "She was with a man and I don't think they could believe their eyes". "I don't know, you guys, life is incredible".

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