Tesla Stock Drops As Elon Musk Unloads On 'Excruciating' Year

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The Times also reported that board members are concerned over Musk's use of Ambien and other recreational drugs. "The worst is yet to come", he said about his personal pain after describing how he spent the full 24 hours of his 47th birthday working and nearly missed his brother's wedding two days later. It's all making the CEO of one of the world's most innovative vehicle companies more of a liability than an asset.

To add to Musk's troubles, his rash tweets - that even surprised the company's board and made stocks go insane before they were frozen - landed him in hot water with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which is formally investigating whether Musk manipulated markets illegally.

Elon Musk has acknowledged exhaustion from overwork as he deals with the aftermath of a market-rattling tweet on taking Tesla private - a mess that worsened with reports that USA regulators subpoenaed him over the statement.

Additionally Musk denied he was "on weed" or "stoned" when he sent the tweet claiming to be taking Tesla private for a $420 share, although he acknowledged the value could be taken as a reference to marijuana. "It is often a choice of no sleep or Ambien", he told the Times.

Musk tweeted last week that he had "funding secured" to take Tesla private at $420 per share.

'Is there someone who can do the job better?

Tripp's tip to the SEC was filed after he was sacked, sued by Tesla for hacking trade secrets and transferring internal documents to third parties.

"Mr. Musk said he had no plans to relinquish his dual roles as chairman and chief executive".

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I kept thinking about that 17 year stretch with no extended time off since 2001: that goes back before SpaceX, before Tesla, obviously before The Boring Company.

To reach those goals, Musk told the NYT he'd recently been working up to 120 hours a week, and the report noted he "alternated between tears and laughter", in the interview. "It seems unusual that Mr. Hansen would claim that he is concerned about something happening within the company, but then refuse to engage with the company to discuss the information that he believes he has".

And while he says he's open to someone else taking over from him, Musk also reckons that there's no-one who could do any better.

Alongside that, Musk has been battling journalists and the public at large with Twitter outbursts and thoughts on taking Tesla private as it struggles to manufacture enough Model 3 cars to meet demand.

"He said he was bracing for 'at least a few months of extreme torture from the short-sellers, who are desperately pushing a narrative that will possibly result in Tesla's destruction'".

The New York Times said that in response to questions for its article on the interview, Tesla issued a statement from its board, excluding Musk, that stated: "We would like to make it clear that Elon's commitment and dedication to Tesla is obvious".

"Weed is not helpful for productivity".

A former member of Tesla's internal investigations team, Karl Hansen, filed a tips, complaints and referrals form to the SEC about the Gigafactory on August 9, Mr Hansen's attorney Stuart Meissner said in a news release.