President Trump: We Aren't Restarting Military Exercises With South Korea

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He also called China out for putting pressure on North Korea, criticizing the Chinese government's role in the crisis.

But Trump's statement on Wednesday did not mention any setbacks and hailed his personal relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un as "a very good and warm one". "This logic is not easily understood by all". 'China makes it much more hard in terms of our relationship with North Korea, ' Trump said at the White House on Wednesday, though he insisted his ties with Chinese President Xi Jinping were 'great'.

"Part of the North Korea problem is caused by the trade disputes with China", Trump said.

"We know that China is providing North Korea with considerable aid, including money, fuel, fertilizer and various other commodities".

In yet another episode of White House officials contradicting their leader, the comments were at odds with Defense Secretary James Mattis on Tuesday, who said the drills would not be suspended for the time being.

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China, North Korea's traditional ally and main trading partner, joined the USA in adopting tough global sanctions against Pyongyang in 2017, which the Chinese government says it is still enforcing.

China on Thursday criticised the United States' "absurd logic" after its President Donald Trump claimed that Beijing was responsible for the strain in ties between Washington and Pyongyang, reported AFP.

According to a Wednesday Vox report, this discordance between Trump and Pompeo has stalled diplomatic efforts with North Korea, as Kim feels that he's being yanked around and made to look foolish by the Americans reneging on their promises.

USA news site Vox meanwhile reported that Trump at June's summit pledged to sign a declaration ending the Korean War, and now the two countries remain deadlocked over who will follow through on their commitment first.