Microsoft launches Xbox All Access with two-year console financing | Engadget Today

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As we reported earlier, Xbox All Access will come in two bundles - the Xbox One S package will cost you $22 per month, while the Xbox One X will cost $35 per month.

With little to no upfront cost and instant access to hundreds of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games through Games Pass, All Access as described could help the Xbox One stand out a bit from the console competition. It makes ideal sense to do the same with games consoles. In order to be a member of the Xbox All Access program, you'll have to be approved to own a DPA. Offering a low-priced way to finance an Xbox One X or S tied to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass is certainly one way to try and grow its ecosystem. The company will also have two full years to woo subscribers into becoming long-term customers, guaranteeing recurring revenue through the Xbox Game Pass subscribers it retains. The subscriptions would run you $480, so you save around $250 with the One S bundle compared to buying the console and 24 months of subscriptions. Microsoft doesn't think so, even after the massive success of its Xbox Game Pass may have proven otherwise.

The new way to get access to the console is Microsoft's latest attempt to out-manoeuvre its console rivals - Sony's PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch - and appeal to players in new ways. Xbox Live Gold is their online membership program that is required to do certain things, such as playing a game online with friends. We recently called Xbox Game Pass "the best value in gaming". It's kind of like Netflix for gaming, except games are downloaded instead of streamed. At Gamescom last week, Microsoft also announced that the new and improved Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be coming to it on September 1. "That's more than 100 all-you-can-play games - including highly-anticipated new Xbox One exclusives the day they're released".

The offer is only available at physical Microsoft Store locations and requires a Dell Preferred Account to sign up for one of the deals.

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Microsoft claims that Xbox All Access is only going to be available for a limited time, however, they didnt specify when it might end. The bundle is an affordable wait to attract and retain gamers who have gotten used to the subscription model and dont want to lay out $300-$500 for a new console. However, a year later, Microsoft revealed Project Scorpio, which would eventually become the powerful Xbox One X console.

Locking new users into long-term subscriptions could help with that engagement and help promote the year-old Games Pass service, which Microsoft says. "Many of those people don't own a television, many have never owned a PC". It's similar to the way most mobile carriers sell phones now. An fantastic thing about Ninja Theory is that it is very clear that the studio orbits around ideas and creativity, and the characters, storytelling and settings really come first for them. The Xbox One S costs $21.99 per month for 24 months while the Xbox One X costs $34.99 per month for 24 months.

The Xbox One S offer is particularly intriguing, since it costs about $130 less than buying all of these products and services together, whereas the Xbox One X offering is only about $20 less over the course of the two years.

In the end, we're left with something that closely resembles the two-year contracts we used to see from wireless carriers, complete with a (slight) discount on the overall cost of everything you're buying.