4 updates coming to Google Chrome for its 10th birthday

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The newly redesigned Chrome will be seen in its versions on the desktop, Android and iOS. The new version of the web browser arrived in time for the browser's 10 year anniversary.

Available now by updating to version 69, this new version of Chrome delivers change in areas that are increasingly important for today's users, that weren't as important a decade ago. Gone are the trapezoid-shaped tabs - now we have rounded corners giving everything a more sleek look. Customizable New Tab Pages, an improved address bar, and other features have also been in development.

The Omnibox will know if you have a website already open if you're a tab hoarder with over 24 tabs open, as it will suggest for you to "Switch to tab". The Omnibox will also enable you to search Google Drive in the near future.

On mobile, open the iOS App Store or Google Play store to update the app. In a press release, Google's Ellie Powers and Chris Beckmann note that the new look features "more rounded shapes, new icons and a new color palette", which is much brighter and whiter than before.

Perhaps the first thing you will notice in Chrome 69 is the brand new user interface.

For the developers out there, Google has introduced a bevy of new features, including Scroll Snap for CSS and display notches. Learning password management is joined with credit card numbers, assuming you trust Google with all that information.

Needless to say, this is a massive update.

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Google's Chrome has become the go-to web browser for many.

"As we look to the next 10 years of Chrome, we see an even better and more immersive browsing experience on the horizon". Now when you sign up for new sites it will recommend a strong password.

The Omnibox combines the search bar and address bar into one, making search more faster and smarter.

The New Tab Page now offers quick access to features such as Bookmarks and Reading Lists, while the Chrome icon on iOS now offers shortcuts when you use 3D Touch.

On the desktop, all you need to click on the three-dot icons on the right-hand side of your Chrome window, select Settings, click the Menu Bar, and click About Chrome. "And Chrome's search box (the "Omnibox") gives you more information directly as you type, saving you even more time". Google today announced a wide set of changes coming to the world's most popular browser - some aesthetic, and some functional. You can take personalization to a new level in the latest Chrome by customizing the background of new blank tabs you open and adding your own shortcut to your favorite websites.

To use it, the user must be logged in to their Google account, as the chosen password is saved into it.