This concept video shows how the new iPhones will look like

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The dual-SIM option is going to be a favourite in markets where smartphone users are used to carrying around more than two numbers in a mobile device at once.

Apple has confirmed an iPhone event at the Steve Jobs Theater on the new Apple Campus.

And, it looks like Apple and Google should be very anxious, as the Mate 20 is reported to be loaded with not just the lightning fast 7nm Kirin 980 CPU, but also potentially a gorgeous 6.9-inch AMOLED display, 8GB of RAM, and the biggest phone battery ever.

That would be a huge difference when we're talking about a screen this small. They'll have all the powers of the iPhone X, and a pair of cameras on their back for top-notch iPhone photography.

Huawei Mate 20 gunning for new iPhone and Google Pixel 3 with dramatic launch

As the launch of the 2018 lineup of the Apple's iPhones is approaching, the internet is buzzing with the leaks and alleged specifications about the devices. As these are $699 and $799 respectively, the prediction is that the iPhone 9 will be at least $750 and probably more. As they put it, they expect "for the new larger OLED iPhone to price at a premium to the current iPhone X".

KeyBanc seems to be indicating it sees the iPhone 9 costing about $800, the iPhone XS costing $1000, and the iPhone XS Plus costing $1,100.

People who spent more than £600 on a new iPhone 8 have been told that a problem in Apple's production line has left the logic boards of some devices prone to failure.

According to 9to5Mac, one reason Apple may decide to go this route is because the newer generation of high-end OLED screens such as those found in the iPhone X generally lack sensor support throughout the entire screen. That doesn't bode well for 2019 and beyond. We won't know for sure until that happens, though.

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