Official iPhone XS, XS Max, XR Battery and RAM Details Revealed

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It also places them well above some of Macs by the company.

If you recall, the iPhone X is IP67 rated for water/dust resistance, while the iPhone XS family bumps that up to IP68. It's hard to compare that to an existing phone considering it's a new line of devices, but the previous large screen device from the company was the iPhone 8 Plus, which had a much smaller 2,691mAh battery. The iPhone XS and XS Max cost $355 and $371 to build, according to Susquehanna International Group analyst Mehdi Hosseini, who says that Apple spends $331 to build each iPhone XR.

The iPhone XS and XS Max were revealed to the world earlier this month, and while we had a firm grasp on U.S. pricing, the iStore today announced pricing for South Africa.

To cater for the Chinese market, Apple has offered a dual SIM card feature, of particular benefit to mainland users who often subscribe to more than one carrier.

Another significant revelation worth noting is that all three of Apple's 2018 iPhone models sport additional RAM memory in comparison to their direct predecessors. The XR appears to be 90 percent as good as the iPhone XS for 75 percent of the price.

Popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD) posted a video revealing the unboxing and the contents of the iPhone Xs Max.

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As of now, you can no longer buy an iPhone SE directly from Apple.

While these figures may sound intriguing, it's important to remember that the typical buyer of an Apple iPhone XS in India is unlikely to earn a salary near the net average figure.

Apple's walled-garden approach to iOS does have some advantages. What do you think Huawei is trying to tell Apple?

While many Android phones are making the jump to 6GB and 8GB of RAM, Apple is remaining more conservative. Google has wowed in the past with the quality of its camera, as well as its sleek version of the Android operating system. Oh, and it comes in lavender.

The iPhone XS is least affordable in the Philippines, where it would take the average citizen 156.6 days to earn enough to afford the new iPhone.

The new iPhones look similar to their predecessor.