Beto O’Rourke makes apparent Clash reference during Cruz debate

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Signs of a victory by O'Rourke, a USA congressman from El Paso, in deep-red Texas would likely herald a nationwide Democratic voter wave that could be catastrophic for Republicans. O'Rourke has earned this rating, but getting the last couple of points to overtake Cruz and win the seat will be hard though not utterly impossible.

Cruz remains favored, but only slightly.

"The challenge for O'Rourke is to show that he is more than just a charisma candidate, that he's more than just a pretty face or an empty suit, that he really does have command of the policy issues", Wilson said.

His comments kicked off a series of debates for the US Senate race in Texas. He noted that O'Rourke has expressed an openness toward abolishing the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency and impeaching President Donald Trump.

It's a twist in Texas' top race - Cruz vs. O'Rourke.

O'Rourke says voters are exhausted of negative campaigning and won't do it himself.

O'Rourke, a US representative from El Paso, called for the FBI to investigate Ford's claims, something that Senate Republicans have resisted, and argued that Kavanaugh's nomination should be rejected.

O'Rourke was driving drunk at what a witness called "a high rate of speed" in a 75 miles per hour zone on Interstate 10 about a mile from the New Mexico border.

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"In 2016, he missed half of the votes in the United States Senate", O'Rourke said. A Quinnipiac poll showed the gap between the two as wider, with Cruz receiving 54 percent support among likely voters and O'Rourke receiving 45 percent support. He is turning to the White House for help. - Cruz appeared to fit in a jab, or at least a back-handed compliment.

U.S. Senate candidates Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke faced off Friday evening in Dallas in the first of three televised debates.

Harris' vote is an important one for O'Rourke, who's banking on bringing more like her his way in order to pull off a huge upset on Election Day. At this point, he has outraised Cruz and outspent him on television.

"That's not true", Mr. O'Rourke rejoined, before expressing what he said were common sense moves Congress can make to ensure "weapons of war belong on the battlefield and not in public life". When asked if he cared that fans have an issue with his performance at the O'Rourke fundraiser, Nelson said plainly, "I don't care". Now, what I think he's fighting for doesn't work, but I think you are absolutely honest, like Bernie, that you believe in expanding government and higher taxes and I commend you for fighting for what you believe in. O'Rourke supports people's rights to "take a knee", which he believes is a peaceful way to protest racial injustice.

Cruz on Friday night was also asked whether Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's accuser could say anything that might question his support. It is not clear precisely what part of O'Rourke's argument he disagrees with - that it's wrong for police to murder an innocent person in their home?

Cruz also sought to draw attention earlier this year to a furniture store run by O'Rourke's mother that paid a $250,000 fine in 2010 after the store was accused of manipulating financial records. However, Cruz then seemed to give a backhanded compliment by comparing O'Rourke with a particular Democratic Socialist.

"I don't buy into the labels", he replied.