Meghan Markle Closing Her Own Car Door Excites Social Media Users

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The 37-year-old duchess is now preoccupied assisting her mother in finding a home for her in the United Kingdom so that she would have a place to call her own when she has long visits to England.

As a member of the royal family, Markle is not supposed to express her political opinions, but many of her actions are interpreted as expressions of exactly that.

Footage of the moment quickly appeared on Twitter, and the reaction from some was nothing short of hysterical.

Within hours, global media outlets shrieked that Meghan had "broken royal protocol" by taking door-closing duties into her own pristine hands.

"Meghan's developed a case of Madonna's accent change", tweeted one viewer.

Ah, yes - everyone loves a royal rebel ignoring the rule book.

Just one more reason Meghan is on track to royally shake things up.

After getting out of the auto and shaking hands with one of the hosts, the duchess casually shut the door and went inside, writes People magazine.

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"Bizarrely sharing my train with Harry & Meghan today", Twitter user Jonny Norton captioned the video.

The Duke and Duchess will visit both East and West Sussex, starting the day in Chichester.

At the time, some armchair experts who were quick to take to the internet to pass on their views on Meghan's breach of "royal etiquette".

"Usually, if you are a member of the royal family or a dignitary, you have a member of staff to open and close a vehicle door for you", he told Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Despite the 37-year-old adjusting to royal life incredibly well, fans couldn't help but be utterly stunned when Meghan did something totally "normal" at her first solo engagement yesterday evening, reports The Sun.

Royals always have someone from the members of the staff opening and closing the doors for them, and this act by Meghan goes against the Royal protocols.

As you might imagine, there are a lot of cynics on Twitter enjoying the "woman closes own auto door" spectacle and weighing in with their own amusing takes.

"Meghan clearly just shut the door out of force of habit".