Alan Dershowitz Urges Delay Of Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote For FBI Probe

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Graham, who is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, was discussing Ford's testimony, when a woman who later identified herself on Twitter as Robyn Swirling spoke to Graham. Mitchell will join in and ask questions of Kavanaugh as well.

Senator Richard Blumenthal has called on the Republican leadership of the Senate Judiciary Committee to delay the planned vote on Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.

"I also witnessed efforts by Mark Judge, Brett Kavanaugh and others to cause girls to become inebriated and disoriented so they could then be "gang raped" in a side room or bedroom by a "train" of numerous boys".

"I would just urge my colleagues to recognize that in the end we are 21 very imperfect senators trying to do our best to provide advice and consent", Flake said.

Ford told the Senate on Thursday that she still does not know who leaked the letter, indicating that she did not give approval for Feinstein or Eshoo to release it.

Kavanaugh is scheduled to appear before Senate Judiciary Committee to present his case.

Republicans are trying to get Kavanaugh, 53, confirmed as early as next week.

Ford: "They were laughing with each other".

In a letter addressed to both Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen.

Another woman accuses Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct
Bill Cassidy (R-La.) reacted on "Outnumbered Overtime" to the third sexual misconduct accusation against Brett Kavanaugh . Her lawyer, Mr Avenatti, called her "courageous, fearless and honest", and appealed for privacy for her and her family.

No Lives Lost in Boeing 737’s Micronesia Lagoon Landing
Social media video footage has shown locals trying to assist in getting passengers away from the plane in small boats. Papua New Guinea Accident Investigation Commission is now preparing a team to investigate the site of the accident.

Bill Cosby, now inmate NN7687, placed in single cell
Simpson says Cosby has another thing coming his way in prison unless he is placed in protective custody. A 50-year-old inmate often has a "physiological age" 10 to 15 years older, the Osborn Association says.

A second woman, Deborah Ramirez of Colorado, claims Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a drunken party when they were freshmen at Yale University. That session apparently did not include Kavanuagh.

And on Wednesday, a woman represented by Mr Avenatti - who shot to fame as the lawyer taking on the president for porn actress Stormy Daniels - made another accusation of misconduct.

Maybe that last charge is entirely fanciful.

Still, the harshly political tone adopted by Kavanaugh and Republican senators amounted to a new territory for a judicial nominee.

We all know why: Kavanaugh does not want the one person Ford claims was in the room during the sexual assault - the one person who probably knows the most about Kavanaugh's general conduct at the time, which Kavanaugh has falsified with his choirboy routine - to face serious questioning by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or cross examination by Judiciary Committee Senators.

The South Carolina senator says Democrats want to "destroy" Kavanaugh's life and hold the seat open in the hope of winning the White House in 2020. Why haven't Senators subpoenaed him?

The organization added that allowing a "thorough FBI investigation" from the Senate, a potential development Democratic lawmakers have fervently called for, into the allegations would "demonstrate its commitment to a Supreme Court that is above reproach". They're also afraid that maybe somehow they contributed to something and somehow it was their fault. The fact that total resolution might ultimately remain elusive is not an excuse.

On his message for young men, Mr Trump said: "It's a very unsafe period in our country, and it's being perpetrated by some very evil people". This is the most unethical sham since I have been in politics.