Oculus Quest Standalone Wireless VR Headset Ships In 2019 For $399

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Why it matters: Oculus and Facebook have been trying for years to convince consumers that VR is the next big computing platform, but the market for the technology is still tiny. That way, the devices know where they are in relation to one another, allowing them to co-locate each other. The standalone headset will cost $399, and features totally wireless control with no external sensors required. No wires, no connected laptops or phones, just a headset, and two controllers... that's the dream that the Oculus Quest promises. The headset also works without the need to connect it to a PC, which the current Oculus Rift requires. By removing the wires, the headset can let you roam around a room in 360 degrees and get completely immersed in the VR experience. This seems like a natural step, given that the app was previously announced for the Samsung Gear VR, which is also based on Oculus. It also comes with built-in audio like the Go, but there's no mention if it will also come with a 3.5mm jack like the Go if you want to use your own headphones.

Unfortunately, during the Quest's announcement at Oculus Connect 5, Zuckerberg didn't mention what kind of internals or optics the Quest is packing.

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The Oculus Quest will release in the spring for $399. The Quest will most certainly be running a more powerful processor than the Snapdragon 821 featured in the Go, but again, we don't yet know which processor will be included. They are calling this Oculus Insight.

It isn't clear what kind of battery life Oculus Quest will have or what technical specs it'll run; Oculus only said that it offers a 1,600-by-1,440 display resolution per eye and six degrees of freedom. Using four wide-angle cameras, the headset will supposedly be able to track up to 4,000 square-feet, enabling users to move around freely. While Facebook didn't reveal many more details about the launch lineup beyond that, it did confirm the device will support older Oculus games as well.