‘SNL’ has Matt Damon play an angry Brett Kavanaugh

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Damon played Kavanaugh in a sketch parodying the Supreme Court nominee hearings from Thursday, when the judge sternly denied accusations of sexual assault by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

The topic of beer weighed heavily into the epic open as alternately angry and weepy Kavanaugh was questioned by a cast of Senators and Rachel Mitchell, as played by Aidy Bryant.

"You give him a damn robe and let him do whatever he wants", the show's Lindsey Graham said, while another senator approved of Kavanaugh's choice of American beer rather than imports, enough to qualify him for the Supreme Court.

"First of all, I showed this speech to nearly no one, not my family, not my friends, not even P.J. or Tobin or Squee", Damon said, referring to Kavanaugh's high school friends who Christine Blasey Ford claims were present when Kavanaugh allegedly sexually groped her during a drunken party 36 years ago, when he was 17.

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Gallagher confirmed via phone to The Associated Press that it was her, and she consented to the use of her name. The entire exchange was caught on camera (video above).

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For his part, Kavanaugh testified he was "100 percent certain" none of the alleged incidents of sexual misconduct occurred. During her opening remarks on Thursday, Ford said she was "terrified" to be there but felt it was her "civic duty".

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Bill Cassidy (R-La.) reacted on "Outnumbered Overtime" to the third sexual misconduct accusation against Brett Kavanaugh . Her lawyer, Mr Avenatti, called her "courageous, fearless and honest", and appealed for privacy for her and her family.

"I'm usually an optimist", Damon sneered. "I'm going to start at an 11". Damon as Kavanaugh shouted, calling the proceedings a "political con job" orchestrated by Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Kathy Griffin, and Mr. Ronan "Sinatra" (it's been rumored that Frank Sinatra is Ronan Farrow's biological father). "Meanwhile I've got these". "These handsome, creepy calendars".

The sketch was full of great performances that sure to become a classic, from Matt Damon's Kavanagh, Kate McKinnon's Sen.

The "Jason Bourne" actor didn't hold back as the cold open touched on everything from Kavanaugh's repeated statements of liking beer to sharing and discussing his personal calendar from the '80s and yearbook entries. McKinnon as Graham over-emoted as she repeatedly dramatically pointed.

When asked if he drank so much he blacked out, he stammered for a few seconds before claiming he had just blacked out for a second right then. "I don't know, did you?!".