Best Google Pixel 3 Cases: The Ultimate List (2018)

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Google wants buyers to know it's more than just a search engine. The Assistant that accompanies the Chrome OS is also "four times faster" than it was on the first Google tablets.

Google showed off its new Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL phones and the new Pixel Slate, along with a passel of other Google and Pixel-branded products, earlier this week. Google, which launched the Pixel 2 XL model a year ago in Singapore, said it will sell both Pixel 3 variants here this time. This new feature will hopefully come to all Pixel phones, including the Pixel 3 handsets, some time next month.

Google also announced that it will turn the new Chromecast into an audio Chromecast, which will allow you to play your music in sync across multiple connected speakers.

Google has announced it is now ending access to the service to the wider public. This might seem like a cop-out, but the camera is now paired with Qualcomm's upgraded Snapdragon 845 processor. Its translucence lets the Pixel 3's natural beauty shine through one of three cool colors - blue, purple, and white.

The grand finale of announcements (already spoiled announcements) is the new line of Pixel phones. The new Pixel 3XL has a 6.3-inch display and weighs 184 grams. I'm thinking that, at US$799 (for the 3) and US$899 (XL) to buy outright - or a fraction of that if you take out a monthly plan over two years - this is not only cheaper than the new iPhone Xs (US$999) and Xs Max (US$1099), but for those that want Android it's the ideal alternative. They match the colors of the Google Pixel 3 somewhat, though they are a bit brighter - especially the Pink Moon color. Apple's iPhone Xs recently debuted at £999 for the 64GB model, and Samsung's base Galaxy Note 9 model costs £899, albeit with 128GB of in-built storage.

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Google's new phones are all about software. This new feature makes low-light photographs brighter and clearer using machine learning. Call Screen will first verify if a call is spam before handing it over to you. It comes with a pair of 8-megapixel cameras - one in the rear to take pictures and one in the front optimized for video conferencing.

The new Top Shot feature uses the "Motion" technology on Pixel phones to capture a bunch of photos before and after you snap the shutter button.

For photography enthusiasts, the Pixel 3 is undeniably the way to go. Not only will they enjoy reliable system updates for years to come (meaning less need to spend on a new device and hence saving money) as with Apple's products, but they'll also arguably get the best Android software available.

The Pixel 3 faces continued limited sales in the United States since Google again signed an exclusive distribution deal with wireless carrier Verizon Communications Inc that means the device will get little marketing from other carriers.