Does an AVENGERS 4 Toy Reveal Details About the Plot?

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"The brothers, who also directed the third installment, "Avengers: "Infinity War", couldn't help but punctuate the announcement by teasing fans with a unusual image that's simply captioned "#wrapped". The film arrives on May 3, 2019. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has not even released the name of the movie yet, which has made fans exceedingly anxious. While many continue to protest for equal compensation, Johansson is reportedly receiving $15 million for Marvel's new standalone Black Widow movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Chadwick Boseman, on the other hand, reportedly agreed to a $2 million deal to star in Black Panther, while he is expected to be paid much more for the impending sequel.

Meanwhile Brie Larson is said to have landed a hefty $5 million for Captain Marvel; the sweetener for the studio being that her contract ties her in to up to seven movies. A Marvel spokesperson says the company "disputes the accuracy of these numbers", but it never publicly discloses salaries.

In short, Johansson has finally earned her way to a big dog salary in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Robert Downey Jr. still dwarfing everyone else's paycheck.

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However he was then believed to be paid $50 million for the first Avengers film, while Johansson at the time was in the low-millions. Not only is this the same amount the two Chrises nabbed for Avengers: Infinity War (and the upcoming Avengers 4), but it's also the same salary they commanded in Captain America: Civil War and Thor: Ragnarok, respectively.

The image, featuring a glowing blue and white object, is being speculated to be a tesseract, in turn indicating that Avengers 4 could show a time travel sequence.