That rectangular iceberg spotted by NASA is real

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The second are called "tabular icebergs", Ms Brunt said, comparing their formation to a fingernail growing too long and breaking off at the end.

Though scientists in Antarctica regularly spot these steep-walled "tabular" icebergs - many almost square or rectangular - they certainly look like freaky, unnatural forms in such a wild Earth environment. They form in Antarctica, he says, "where we have these really wide floating ice shelves connected to land".

Lieser said the straight lines are due to the structure of the snow crystals, and how they break apart and react to stresses.

Larsen A, an ice shelf farther north on the peninsula, broke up in 1995.

Image: A triangular iceberg was also spotted nearby.

NASA spotted the on October 16 during one of its IceBridge Flights, a program that tracks the global climate system.

The image was taken by NASA's Operation IceBridge, a fleet of research aircraft that image Earth's polar ice.

"I thought it was pretty interesting", Jeremy Harbeck, senior scientist with the IceBridge mission that was flying over Antarctica at the time, explains.

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Its precisely cut corners show that it hasn't been around that long, because the sharp edges would become round from exposure to wind and waves.

A unusual looking iceberg has been observed by NASA scientists.

"What makes this one a bit unusual is that it looks nearly like a square", she told the LiveScience website.

"Usually, you get a certain point in which you pass its [the iceberg's] ability to hold itself up", said Walker.

Take a look at photos of the sharp-angled iceberg below.

From the photo alone, it is impossible to determine the size of the iceberg, but Brunt estimated that the tabular iceberg is about a mile across. Typically, only 10 percent of an iceberg is visible above the water.

Scientists from the European Space Agency wrote in September, 'Sea ice to the east and shallow waters to the north kept this giant berg, named A68, hemmed in.