Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum insult each other in final Florida debate

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Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis asked Gillum about the trip during the CNN debate.

Republican nominee Ron DeSantis, meanwhile, was scheduled Friday afternoon to make an appearance in Miami-Dade County with his running mate, state Rep. Jeanette Nunez of Miami. He has accepted a contribution and would not return it from someone who referred to the former president of the United States as a Muslim n****r. Gillum accused DeSantis of having ties to racists. He said he supported Trump's transfer of the USA embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv and called attending May's opening ceremony "awesome".

Following the event, Corey wrote to Miller in an email, "As mentioned, it was a bit higher than I expected because of some last minute attendees so let me know what you would like to cover and I'll handle the rest". The commission is now investigating claims made against Gillum, accusing him of accepting gifts from city lobbyists. And the reputation of that man, Mayor Andrew Gillum, seems to have been bought with free tickets to Broadway blockbuster Hamilton and a sweet deal on a vacation villa in Costa Rica.

Gillum has denied being the target of an FBI investigation in Tallahassee, and he says his city's crime rate is actually declining.

Gillum defended himself, saying he believed the tickets were given to his brother in exchange for Jay-Z concert pass.

Even if Gillum's account is correct, however, under Florida law it's still considered an indirect gift, even if his brother was acting as a go-between. "The problem that I have is that I should have asked more questions".

Gillum pushed back in part by challenging DeSantis to release records detailing the more than $145,000 in taxpayer funds the Republican reportedly spent on travel during his time in the House.

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Andrew Gillum's opponent, Republican Ron DeSantis , has made much of the candidate's apparent dishonesty about the ticket. Gillum vacationed at a luxury resort in Costa Rica in May 2016 with Corey, as well as another investor in the Edison.

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Kise, who has been has been compiling the records in response to a Florida Commission on Ethics probe looking into whether Gillum accepted gifts worth more than $100 without disclosing them during the NY trip and a trip to Costa Rica. He resurrected a supposed racist "dog whistle" uttered by DeSantis when he urged voters not to "monkey this up" by turning away from the GOP. My wife and I take vacations and we pay for our own vacations ... "In fact, we've got 99 issues and Hamilton ain't one of them".

5 - Gillum suggested racism may be a factor in the ongoing focus on his involvement in the corruption probe.

"My opponent, endorsed by him, has run this race very, very close to the Trump handbook, where we call each other names, where we run false advertisements", he said. The campaign subsequently released receipts from the NY trip, but said that no receipt for "Hamilton" was included because the mayor had thought the ticket originated with his brother.ImageMr. DeSantis called Gillum corrupt. Mr. Corey had won the stay at a charity auction, and invited his friends to accompany him.Mr. Gillum's campaign produced receipts on September 4 showing that the mayor and his wife, R. Jai Gillum, paid for their airfare to Costa Rica and several restaurant meals there.

"I should have asked more questions to make sure that everything that transpired was above board", Gillum said, before quickly trying to switch topics.

Democrats were largely inclined to side with Gillum, who by other measures was having a fine day Tuesday.

DeSantis also accused Gillum of being corrupt for accepting two $1,000 tickets to Hamilton from undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation agents. "But now we know that".