Trump plans order to end birthright citizenship for migrant babies

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"It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous".

Trump received a lot of pushback from lawmakers on both sides after making the comments, but Pelosi said it gave her party a big boost of optimism leading into next week's midterms.

An executive order is "in the process".

. "That's what you're talking about".

Trump, who railed against illegal immigration during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, has seized on the issue in recent weeks as he seeks to bolster fellow Republicans ahead of next week's contests. Michael Anton, a former national security official in the Trump administration, recently argued in the Washington Post that Trump could, via executive order, "specify to federal agencies that the children of non-citizens are not citizens" simply because they were born on U.S. soil.

Report says the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to citizenship for all born on U.S. soil to immigrant parents whether they are in the country legally or not.

Trump told the show "Axios on HBO" that he has discussed ending birthright citizenship with legal counsel and plans to move forward - which will nearly certainly bring on legal fights. But they become citizens when they turn 18, as long as they have lived in the country for five years since age 11.

Pence said Tuesday the administration is looking at action that would revise birthright citizenship, which is guaranteed under the 14th Amendment.

Kolken added that it would be "virtually impossible" to amend the Constitution in today's political climate. "The only way to eliminate birthright citizenship would be through a new Constitutional amendment", he said.

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Axios reporter Jonathan Swan asked Mr Trump if he had spoken about the move with lawyers.

In the United States, Birthright citizenship may be conferred by jus soli or jus sanguinis.

The US president plans to end the right to citizenship by using an executive order.

Despite Trump's claim, the not the only nation to have birthright citizenship, but the policy is rare outside of the Americas. "If he tries, we will immediately take him to court - and defeat him again", Ferguson said.

The current interpretation of the 14th Amendment has been blamed for so-called chain migration. "A foreign national living in the United States is "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" because he is legally required to obey USA law".

"Yeah, I have", Mr Trump confirmed.

Trump revealed that he's been working on the plan for the executive order for some time and has already discussed it with his council.

"The President does not have the power to erase parts of the Constitution, but he and the GOP Congress have spent two years trying to erase protections for people with pre-existing conditions", Ms. Pelosi said.