Trump fires US Attorney General Jeff Sessions

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President Trump is considering a retired federal appeals court judge who also served on the California Supreme Court as the next USA attorney general following the Wednesday resignation of Jeff Sessions, according to reports.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resigned as the country's chief law enforcement officer, the Associated Press reports.

President Trump tweeted the news, writing, "We thank Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his service, and wish him well!" He added Wednesday that he felt it's "almost impossible" to not see Sessions' firing as an attempt to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The appointment generated immediate controversy given Mr Whitaker's previous public comments criticising the probe. He was a vocal critic of Mr Mueller, arguing in an op-ed for CNN past year that the probe should not go into the finances of Mr Trump and his family members. Whitaker had served as Sessions' chief of staff.

Senior Republicans also seemed opposed to the news of Mr Whitaker's appointment and launched public warnings that Mr Mueller must be allowed to continue his investigation.

Trump blamed the decision for opening the door to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller, who took over the Russian Federation investigation and began examining whether Trump's hectoring of Sessions was part of a broader effort to obstruct justice.

For more than a year, Trump has blamed Sessions for recusing himself from overseeing the Russian Federation election tamper investigation, which, in turn, led to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Whitaker wrote that Trump is "absolutely correct" that Mueller investigating the finances of Trump and his family as part of the investigation would cross a line.

Dean said despite the ramifications of the Sessions ouster, he has faith in the USA judicial system to survive it.

"Essentially we need to shame him into acting in compliance with the law", she said.

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Nadler says he wants to know why Mr. Trump is making the change and "who has authority over Special Counsel Mueller's investigation?"

It's unclear how long Mr. Trump will take to select a new permanent attorney general. "But I also think Mueller has been well aware of that and probably has planned for that contingency", including having already prepared sealed indictments.

The investigation has so far produced 32 criminal charges and guilty pleas from four former Trump aides.

Could a Mueller firing be challenged on legal grounds?

Trump forced Jeff Sessions out as attorney general on Wednesday after the midterm elections. The law was meant to address vacancies created by deaths or resignations, but it is not clear it also applies to those created by firings.

He warned that there would be consequences if Mr Trump is determined to have fired Mr Sessions in order to subvert the rule of law and obstruct justice. "Dear Mr. President, At your request, I am submitting my resignation", Sessions' letter to President Donald Trump said.

The possibility that Mr Sessions was sacked could open Mr Whitaker's appointment to court challenge by a range of people, including Mr Mueller, impacted by his actions.

"Theoretically, I think the foreman of the grand jury could take them in to the judge, or they would be filed with the judge already, and this would be the basis to unseal them", he said. "It would create a constitutional crisis if this were a prelude to ending or greatly limiting the Mueller investigation". Before Whitaker joined to the Justice Department, he wrote an opinion piece for CNN in August 2017 criticizing the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Mr Whitaker would be required to notify Congress of such a decision. In fact, Mr Whitaker told CNN a year ago that a future attorney general could limit Mr Mueller by reducing the budget "so low that his investigations grinds to nearly a halt".