Florida passes amendment to restore felons' voting rights

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Approval of the amendment ends Florida's outlier status as the state with the most people permanently barred from voting - only two other states ban felons from the polls for life.

The amendment, which passed Tuesday night with 64% of the vote, restores voting rights for people convicted of felonies as long as they have completed their sentences, though it excludes people convicted of murder or felony sex offenses.

The initiative, called the Voting Restoration Amendment, was approved for placement on the November 6 ballot in January when a group called Floridians for a Fair Democracy obtained the needed 766,200 to get it there.

It is impossible to talk about Amendment 4's passage without noting its political impact one day after the state's two top Democrats apparently lost by very close margins-even though the moral and inspiration dimensions of the campaign can not be ignored.

"People - whether they're down the right, left, or don't have a political affiliation - can all grasp that idea", Volz explained.

By Tuesday evening, more than 60 percent of Floridians casting ballots had voted yes, capping one of 2016's most inspired and politically important campaigns, an effort that sparked a grassroots army that will undoubtedly continue to participate in politics.

Scott has said, "If you are a convicted felon part of what you did is you lose your rights and there ought to be a process to get those rights back".

He said about a third of the 1.4 million people affected are African-American.

He noted that a "significant number" of people who cast ballots for Republicans Rick Scott in the Senate race and Ron DeSantis in the governor's race, also voted for Amendment 4.

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Florida has always been considered "ground zero" for disenfranchised felons by voting rights groups.

The non-tribal Florida gaming market generated $546.6 million in 2017 from the state's commercial pari-mutuel facilities, but saw slowed growth overall of just 0.1 percent.

"I'm thrilled that the people of Florida finally brought the state out of the 19th century and into the 21st century", Simon said.

Voters in Maryland voiced their support by 67-33 percent to allow residents to register to vote on Election Day.

Ahead of Election Day, the Dolphins urged Florida voters to vote "no" on the Amendment 3, arguing that the measure would "effectively block any chance for legal sports betting in Florida". "Let's say these people do get registered to vote, then they need to turn out to vote".

For Coral Nichols, a 40-year-old from Seminole, she'll register as soon as possible. She was convicted of a felony for drug possession in 2012 and has not been able to cast a ballot. She now co-owns a nonprofit that helps people facing charges with diversion programs.

According to the Florida state department, roughly 13 million citizens are registered to vote, with both Republicans and Democrats having almost 5 million party members each.