College Football Rivalry Week

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The Sooners are behind Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Michigan and Georgia in that order and just ahead of LSU, Washington State UCF and Ohio State. This week's College Football Playoff rankings are just like last week's. It would also force chaos. That will likely change Tuesday in the committee's fifth of six rankings, as Ohio State's 62-39 home win over rival MI on Saturday should knock the Wolverines out of the fourth spot, opening the door for No. 5 Georgia to move up.

The Knights are receiving the respect they covet in increments, and while it won't result in a CFP appearance this season, they remain the best representative the Group-of-5 could ask for.

I'm sure you're at home wondering that with the final weekend of the season coming up what games you should watch this weekend and which games hold more weight than the others.

The Buckeyes could very well jump UCF next week, however.

NCAA Rivalry games Thanksgiving weekend

Surely, these next few weeks will answer numerous usual arguments for us. They also were fortunate to beat eight-loss Nebraska, they won ugly at Michigan State, and the defense was like a sieve in a 52-51 overtime win at Maryland last week. The Tigers beat Georgia and have losses to No. 1 Alabama and No. 11 Florida.

The two semifinals, which rotate yearly, will take place in Miami at the Orange Bowl and in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl on Saturday, Dec. 29. West Virginia dropped to No. 13 behind Florida and Penn State after losing to Oklahoma State. The example often give is Houston of the American Athletic Conference in 2016.

"We spent considerable time talking about UCF and Ohio State", committee chair Rob Mullens told ESPN on Tuesday night. West Virginia 14. Texas 15. Utah 18. Mississippi State 19. Northwestern 20. Syracuse 21. Boise State 24. Pittsburgh 25.

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