Beta release date coming any moment now? Shock RDR2 news

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Earlier today, reports surfaced that suggested Red Dead Redemption 2's online mode, appropriately dubbed Red Dead Online, would see its first Beta test sooner rather than later; primarily due to the mysterious appearance of several seemingly online-related game achievements. If you only played it on launch and during the game's opening weekend (October 26-29), you'll be able to test Red Dead Online on November 27, which is this Wednesday.

Red Dead Redemption II does have a good excuse though, in that its Read Dead Online mode is, much like GTA Online, likely to be its own separate game.

In a surprisingly late act of cross-promotion, Burger King is offering a free Whopper to players in Sweden who find all four ingredients in Red Dead Redemption 2. If you bought the standard edition and played on launch day, you can get in on November 28. Those who play the game any time this week will get access on Thursday, 29 November. Finally, on November 30, the doors to the full beta will be thrown open to all RDR2 owners. While we're getting pretty close to the end of the month, this release slate for Red Dead Online still falls in line with that window, proving that they did keep their promise.

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Let us know in the comments if you're planning on playing Red Dead Online this week for yourself. And yes, it also means we're one step closer to Red Dead on PC.

If you want to play solo, that's absolutely fine. It also looks like the camp at the center of the Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign will return in some form for the multiplayer outing, with camp improvements available for purchase. You can even lasso your pals and hogtie them for a bit of BDSM fun.

To make things easier to understand, here is a list going over when people will be able to play Red Dead Online. You can choose to ignore them if you wish, or join them with other players.