US asylum laws - here's what to know

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Mr Trump has said the migrants should not easily enter the country and he threatened again to shut down the US-Mexico border, which stretches 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometres).

Groups like "Free Our Future" began marching in California on Sunday, demanding an end to border control, totally open borders, and for the United States government to abolish the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency.

Some 7,400 of the migrants are now gathered in the Mexican border state of Baja California, in the cities of Tijuana and Mexicali, and tensions have risen in recent days amid a series of daily protests.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said it suspended northbound and southbound crossings for both pedestrians and vehicles at the San Ysidro port of entry at approximately 11:30 a.m. local time. A photo of her clutching the hands of twin five-year-old daughters Saira and Cheili, as her 13-year-old daughter Jamie runs alongside, has gone viral and sparked angry reactions from some lawmakers and charities.

No serious injuries were reported from the incident, according to The Washington Post.

Her young son James almost fainted when a canister landed near him. "You've seen them, they're carrying signs, 'I want a job.' That doesn't qualify for asylum".

"We've got to look at the facts here".

Nevermind that the chief patrol agent of the San Diego Border Patrol sector told CNN Monday morning that the "vast majority" of migrants they're dealing with are "adult males" and that the group threw rocks at agents on Sunday.

Most of the migrants stumbled back into camp in the northwestern Mexican city of Tijuana, dirty, scared and with ripped clothes.

A group of Central American migrants- mostly from Honduras- get over a fence as they try to reach the US-Mexico border
A group of migrants climbed a fence as they tried to reach the US-Mexico border

U.S. President Donald Trump took to Twitter Sunday to express his displeasure with the caravans in Mexico.

On Monday, he tweeted: "Mexico should move the flag-waving Migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries".

"We will close the Border permanently if need be", he added before calling on Congress to fund the controversial border wall.

US government agencies defended the response to Sunday's incident at the San Ysidro crossing south of San Diego, California.

"If they close the border I ask God that here in Tijuana, or in another country they open doors to us, to allow me to survive with my children", said Meza.

"They want us to wait in Mexico but I for one am desperate. These are people, they call them 'grabbers, ' they grab a child because they think they're going to have a certain status by having a child".

The incident lasted almost two hours, with two groups of migrants tear gassed after they crossed the Tijuana River, eventually returning to a stadium where they've camped for days, waiting for the opportunity to apply for asylum.

McAleenan said individuals breached the border fence to the east of San Ysidro and some went west and sought to enter through the Tijuana River channel.

The chaos comes as US and Mexican officials wrangle over the issue of migration and discuss how to deal with asylum-seekers waiting in Mexico.

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At the rate the requests are being processed, asylum-seekers will wait months in Tijuana knowing many locals don't want them here. He fears the USA won't grant him asylum, and that he'll get deported if he tries to cross into the country without authorization.

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