Google Assistant Update Brings Pretty Please Option, Updated Lists & Much More

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Among other new features, synchronized lyrics now appear on Smart Displays when you play a song via Google Play Music.

This Christmas season, Google will be gifting a couple of new functionalities to its Assistant.

Don't get rid of them just yet: With Syncwire's 2-in-1 Smart Plug, you can make up to four devices Alexa-, Google-, or IFTTT-compatible.

Finally, Google 's Assistant will also Christmas books to you on request this holiday season. Since the digital assistant will appreciate polite behavioral and answer in a pleasant manner, it will encourage young kids to remember the magic words.

Pretty Please is created to encourage polite behavior, so the Assistant will recognize when you use words like "please" and "thank you" when asking questions. Google Assistant incorporates a stereo driver configuration (two 5.75cm full range drivers) and 13cm integrated subwoofer within its wood veneer, complete with aluminium knobs. Pretty Please is enabled for all voice matched users on Smart Speakers and Smart Displays starting today, so that everyone can feel the warm rewards of politeness.

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While none of these features alone is mind-blowing, all together they do make Google's smart home speakers and displays more functional overall.

GoogleAssistant wants to help you with your manners.

- Sharing photos: Google Photos is another feature on Smart Displays that can show you past holiday memories with family and friends. The update also brings visual lyrics.

Alternatively, Google Home now supports directly reading kids more than 50 books, among them being new additions like "A Monster Machine Christmas" and "PAW Patrol's Holiday Helpers!". Now, you and your kiddos can ask Google to read along with titles such as "Mickey's Christmas Carol", "Cinderella", and "Beauty and the Beast".

If you use traditional Google Search in your browser, you still get weather info but it comes from a third-party service, most likely It's sort of a tablet that you can talk to. You just say, "Hey Google, create a gift list", "What's on my to-do list", "Show me my last note", or "Add tickets for mom to my gift list", to name a few examples. Moreover, these lists can be stored in the Google Assistant app. You can also quickly hide a photo from your ambient screen or favorite a photo to be enjoyed again at a later time.