SpaceX Launches Record 64 Satellites From One Rocket

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A Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base on California's central coast at about 10:34 a.m. local time.

SpaceX is postponing the launch of its Falcon 9 rocket to Monday due to booster checks and weather concerns.

Now, SpaceX and its workhorse vehicle is ready to set the record for most satellites launched by a single American rocket.

For the first time, a single orbital-class rocket booster has been used for three missions, pushing a payload into space and then returning safely to Earth each time. It also marked the 19th successful launch of 2018, already surpassing the 18 launches made in 2017.

One such company, US-based Rocket Lab, became the first to reach orbit, and has notched two missions so far.

According to Myriota, the drifters monitor location, currents, sea surface water temperatures, and barometric pressure, and, in future, AIMS will be able to get oceanographic data every hour.

As with previous SpaceX launches from Vandenberg, the rocket created an impressive aerial light show over Southern California.

"Plan is to dry them out & launch again", he said.

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Spaceflight Industries, a Seattle-based private aerospace company, is the world's leading rideshare and mission management provider.

Soon after the drone ship docks in port, SpaceX recovery technicians install a brace and lifting jig that attaches to Falcon 9's booster interstage, using the same mechanisms that connect the first stage to the second stage prior to stage separation.

For SpaceX, the mission, called SSO-A, marked its 19th launch of 2018, surpassing its previous annual record of 18 launches a year ago.

"We are committed to delivering superior satellite connectivity, and today's launch is a valuable step in developing our direct-to-orbit communications capability", co-founder and CTO Dr David Haley said. "Nothing wrong with a little swim", Musk, who is also the CEO of Tesla, said on Twitter. India's space agency a year ago shattered a world record by launching 104 small satellites with a single rocket.

With that, . USA aerospace manufacturer SpaceX successfully completed its mission to deploy 64 satellites into Earth's orbit, . including South Korea's "Next Sat-1".

That particular milestone will go a long way to realizing SpaceX's dream of making spaceflight more affordable.

The reflective, inflatable sculpture is created to eject from its satellite and orbit the earth 'for several weeks before disintegrating upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere, ' the museum said.