Theresa May sends out 30 ministers to sell Brexit plan

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British Prime Minister Theresa May was accused on Wednesday of misleading MPs over her Brexit deal as her government published legal advice likely to increase opposition to the agreement ahead of a crucial vote next week.

"The legal summary document is worse than we feared: the backstop customs union is indefinite, the United Kingdom would be a rule taker and the European Court (of Justice) is in charge of our destiny, rather than the sovereign United Kingdom parliament", former Brexit minister David Davis said.

Lawmakers opened a third day of debate on the agreement Thursday, focusing on economic issues that could affect Britons for generations.

The backstop is an arrangement created to ensure there is no return to a "hard border" between Ireland, which will remain part of the European Union after Brexit, and Northern Ireland when the United Kingdom leaves the bloc next March. People have a concern at the backstop that we could be in it indefinitely.

In such a case they could consider helping her with "cosmetic" changes to the non-binding political agreement that accompanies the deal. Yes I am meeting colleagues, I'm listening to colleagues' concerns.

As she doggedly presses on, Ms.

May's deal is in trouble because politicians on both sides of Britain's European Union membership debate oppose it. Pro-Brexit lawmakers say it keeps Britain bound too closely to the European Union; pro-EU politicians say it erects barriers between Britain and its biggest trading partner and leaves many details of the future relationship undecided, subject to negotiations after Britain leaves the bloc on March 29.

RICHARD Benyon was one of 26 Conservative MPs who rebelled against his own Government yesterday on a key vote which could determine what post-Brexit Britain looks like. May told the BBC. However, intense opposition to the deal from all sides of the House has made its passage next week extremely precarious.

Prime Minister Theresa May suggested Thursday that MPs may get to decide whether Britain eventually joins the "backstop" plan to avoid post-Brexit border checks with Ireland.

Both sides also worry that Ms.

The alternative, according to the deal struck between May and the European Union, would be to extend the transition period for up to two years, during which time Britain would largely enjoy the same relationship with the bloc, despite officially leaving on March 29, 2019.

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"The backstop is not automatic".

May's chances of survival were dealt a blow on Tuesday when her government suffered a humbling hat-trick of defeats in the Commons over Brexit legal advice.

Tory resistance to the Brexit plan could be bolstered by the knowledge that voting down the deal will not necessarily result in the collapse of the Government given the DUP's stance.

Mr Grogan (Keighley) said: "The deal the Prime Minister is offering us is reality a blind Brexit".

"I'm backing the deal as I wish to ensure Brexit is delivered".

"If you remove the deal as an option and reallocate these preferences in a straight remain versus no deal contest, remain is slightly ahead, winning 52per cent to 48 per cent". "Either will leave us a fractured society and a divided nation".

"There are many people who are talking about a second referendum - it isn't anything to do with this deal, it is actually about trying to frustrate Brexit".

Over the past week 20,910 Britons were polled, making this one of the largest Brexit surveys to date.

"The agreement that is on the table - the withdrawal agreement and the agreement on the future relationship - are, in our view, the only and best possible to organise an orderly withdrawal", he said.

Yet, in reality, it is unlikely that the Court of Justice of the European Union would rule that the withdrawal agreement is unlawful.