Vaccination is the best defense against the "Flu"

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Brownwood-Brown County Health Department encourages Brown County residents who have not yet been vaccinated for the flu to get vaccinated now. But that portion mutates frequently, and studies have shown that antibodies against the other surface protein, neuraminidase, better correlate with protection.

Pathologists at Houston Methodist developed a real-time website to track flu cases, just in time to assist physicians, the CDC and patients for the fall 2018 flu season.

"Last year, 49 million Americans were diagnosed with the flu", Wagner said. Influenza B strain viruses, which have the same symptoms as A-strain viruses, are also circulating this season as usual, the CDC said. "More people simply want to be vaccinated", she told news agency TT. These numbers do not include all people infected with the flu, because many people do not seek medical help when they are sick and so go uncounted.

In 2008, New Jersey's Public Health Council issued a compulsory flu vaccination for all children before entering preschools and daycare centers. The flu vaccine is crucial, not only to prevent flu in an individual, but also to prevent the spread of flu to those who may be at higher risk of complications.

Almost 12,000 of those deaths - about one in seven - occurred in Texas, which was hit particularly early and hard.

More than 300 sites in Vermont offer flu vaccine, including supermarkets, pharmacies and health care providers.

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"We're struggling a little bit by the perception that flu is not really a deadly disease, which of course we know it is", he said.

There were 73 deaths from influenza in the latest season, which peaked in early September.

These methods are set in place to protect the most vulnerable, who tend to be the very young, the very old and those with compromised health situations.

In other words, you have every reason to get the flu vaccine for you and your loved ones. The outbreak reached Wyoming, and one of the notable locals to die in the pandemic was Irma Garlow, the 34-year-old daughter of Buffalo Bill Cody.

Seventy percent of Garden State seniors with a household income of $75,000 or more have received a flu shot versus 62 percent of those in households earning $35,000-$74,999, and 61 percent of those earning less than $35,000.

Webby added that the vaccine is also safe.