Google Announces Acceleration of Plus Service Shut Down

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The company also said it would inform affected users, including "any enterprise customers". Although he insists that there's no evidence that the bug was misused, it nonetheless could've given access to a considerable amount of data for around 52.5 million people.

We already knew that Google+ is closing down, but following the discovery of a second data leak, Google has announced that it is bringing the closure forward.

Another day, another nail in the coffin of the now defunct consumer facing side of Google+. Originally expected to shut down in August 2019, the service will now shut down in April 2019 instead.

Google announced it has found a second vulnerability in Google+.

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Following the discovery of this new API bug, Google has also chose to move the shutdown date for the consumer version of Google+ from August 2019 to April 2019. This means that any apps or services that requested permission to view a user's profile information were granted access, even if the account was set to private. "We discovered this bug as part of our standard and ongoing testing procedures and fixed it within a week of it being introduced". It now plans to shut down Google Plus by April 2019 and access to its application programming interfaces (APIs) in the next 90 days.

While Google said it had no evidence either data leak was actively exploited, it has no way of assuring users that developers haven't accessed the profile data that was supposed to be non-public. The bug was apparently only live for six days, and Google claims that developers with access to the API weren't aware of it or misused the user data, which is certainly a good thing.

The bug that caused for this new round of leaked data was only around for six days (November 7 - November 13) before Google caught wind of it and terminated it. Data made available to developers includes the likes of users' names, email addresses, occupations, and age. "We have always taken this seriously, and we continue to invest in our privacy programs to refine internal privacy review processes, create powerful data controls, and engage with users, researchers, and policymakers to get their feedback and improve our programs".