Roger, the unbelievably ripped kangaroo, has died

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Roger the ripped kangaroo, a giant marsupial who gained viral internet fame for his muscly physique, has died at age 12, according to new reports.

Chris "Brolga" Barnes rescued Roger in 2006 when he was just a baby joey, after his mother got hit by a vehicle, and built the sanctuary to house him and other kangaroos like him.

In 2015, the muscular marsupial impressed many people online after a video clip of him crushing a metal bucket with his bare paws went viral.

In a video uploaded to The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs' Facebook page, Roger was remembered as a much loved animal.

"Roger was as muscular as they come", Mr Barns said, pointing out that while his size and strength were not entirely unusual, they still set him apart from many other male kangaroos.

In his ~retirement~ Roger mostly just lazed around a bunch, and sanctuary staff regularly found him lying in the dirt on his back, just soaking in his older age.

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The Sanctuary wrote: "Sadly Roger has passed away of old age".

Mr Barns said Roger had been buried in the park so "he will always be here".

In the wild, kangaroos live for about 10 years but can live longer in captivity. At 12, his death was in line with the red kangaroo's life expectancy of about 12-15 years.

The sanctuary will now be Roger's final resting place. "He's always aggressive", Barns added, acknowledging that a single blow from the kangaroo's arms or legs could seriously hurt or even kill him.

"He's passed away very peacefully under his favorite witchetty bush where he liked to sleep to get out of the hot sun".