Apple just confirmed 2018 iPad Pros have a bend issue

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Yesterday both Verge and MacRumors covered this issue in different articles and were assured by Apple that it's not an issue but a normal side effect.

Apple is essentially confirming that bent iPad Pros are indeed real, but notes that it's nothing to worry about.

More specifically, a "cooling process involving the iPad Pro's metal and plastic components during manufacturing".

This does not look good for Apple, known to have high standards for its manufacturing process.

Apple has officially confirmed that the 2018 iPad Pro has a slight bent/curved issue with the chassis, though it says this will not impact the device's performance in any negative way.

They claimed that the devices were a bit bent out of the box or they became bent during use.

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While the model featured is the 2017 iPad Pro which was replaced just last month by a new 2018 lineup, it is still more than capable.

Apple's brand new iPad Pro arrives with a starting price of £769 for the 11-inch model and £969 for the 12.9-inch model. However, buyers can still exchange their original unit within the 14-day return period. The 2018 iPad Pro was announced on October 30 and released for sale on November 7.

Apple has as of late launched its non-Pro iPad the 9.7-inch display back in March this year.

The Apple is not considered the Bending as a Defect, the customer with clear consequences: you cannot expect compensation, but not more than grace hope.

Apple claims there hasn't been a significant rise in iPad Pro returns since the issue was discovered.

Apple received heavy criticism for the so-called "Bendgate" controversy with the iPhone 6 Plus. Furthermore, the company explains that the bending shouldn't worsen over time and the performance of the device is not in any way impacted.