ExxonMobil, IBM partner on quantum computing

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IBM unveiled the IBM Q System One, an "integrated universal approximate quantum computing system" for commercial and scientific purposes, at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Advances in quantum computing could provide ExxonMobil with the ability to address computationally challenging problems across a variety of applications, including the potential to optimize a country's power grid, and perform more predictive environmental modeling and highly accurate quantum chemistry calculations to discover new materials for more efficient carbon capture, the company said. Theoretically much faster and more powerful, quantum computers have always been considered as the successor to modern computers and supercomputers.

Other providers, such as D-Wave International, are offering specialized quantum computers that harness quantum annealing for optimization problems, from traffic optimization in China to election modeling.

Qubits are only useful for more than 100 microseconds, and while IBM's Q System One is not yet powerful enough at 20-qubits, it will be one of the first commercial ready quantum computers.

We reached out to IBM with a host of questions regarding the Q System - like whether IBM intends to make more than one of these systems, and what the pricing structure will be for commercial use - and Dr. But quantum computing is something that could sit alongside the company's cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) developments to give it an edge against the competition.

The replica of Q System One will be introduced at CES 2019 on January 8. This is a historical step in the field of quantum computing, considering the fact that quantum computers haven't left the confines of a research lab.

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IBM also announced plans to open its first IBM Q Quantum Computation Center for commercial clients in Poughkeepsie, New York in 2019.

The issue which comes along quantum computing system is that it requires the developers to develop apps for qubits. The Q System One, on the other hand, is a single, tightly integrated system enclosed in an airtight case nine feet (2.7 meters) tall.

This opens using "roto-translation", a motor-driven rotation that makes it simple to maintain and upgrade the machine while minimising downtime, according to IBM.

"As we continue to explore practical applications for quantum computing, it's critical we partner with businesses and organizations from a variety of industries and disciplines", said Bob Sutor, vice president, IBM Q Strategy and Ecosystem.

Classical computation to provide secure cloud access and hybrid execution of quantum algorithms. The Q System One is created to reduce interference like vibration, ambient noise, electromagnetic waves and changes in temperature. There is also a series of independent aluminium and steel frames to help avoid any potential vibration interference that could result in "phase jitter" and qubit decoherence.