WWE: John Cena ruled out of Royal Rumble due to ankle injury

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However, before he can do that...he must first successfully defend his championship against AJ Styles this Sunday at the Royal Rumble.

You've probably heard by now: The big WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view is coming to Chase Field for the first time ever Sunday. An underwhelming and totally forgettable undercard gave way to an excellent WWE title match pitting Brock Lesnar against John Cena and Seth Rollins, arguably WWE's best main roster match in 2015. He won a fatal-4-way match two weeks ago to become the official number one contender for the Universal title. The earlier challenger lost the opportunity after destroying Vince McMahon's limousine on the same episode. The reason for the change was because Woods was still on the mend with an ankle injury. He managed to come back by pushing the beast into the announce table.

-The victor of the match earns a championship opportunity at WrestleMania in April. Finn continued attacking the midribs followed by a flying move over the top rope.

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The Royal Rumble gimmick persevered beyond every major talent in company history until a 2014/15/16 shattrick that - with good intentions every time - managed to infuriate audiences, trigger cancellation trends and beat them into submission with Triple H's unexpected umpteenth Championship reign, respectively.

In the end, Finn Balor hit the Coup de Grace on Lesnar and that was nearly enough. Finn Balor started off the match hard and fast attacking Lesnar with a flurry of offence. Lesnar kicked out and locked in the Kimura Lock and that was it. Balor had no option but to tap out.