Yankees' Aaron Judge would welcome fellow right fielder Bryce Harper

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What I have not, and will not accept is the thought of Bryce Harper as a Yankee.

The fact that San Diego only won 66 games a year ago shows how much of a work in progress they are heading into the 2019 season, and while the team has a few key players like Will Myers to work with, the addition of someone like Harper certainly wouldn't solve all their problems.

Harper and Machado being unsigned has brought free agency to a relative standstill, with both stars looking for massive contracts that teams have been unwilling to dole out to this point.

Nearly a full day before prominent baseball reporters caught on, a San Francisco Giants fan foresaw Bryce Harper meeting with his favorite team. That is no different with San Francisco. Interestingly enough, maybe. While surrounded by cacti and palm trees collectively, I have had time to soak in the atmosphere of west coast baseball, and reflect on the more recent resurgence of Bryce Harper's possible appearance in pinstripes this season. Nor the White Sox. Now it's not clear what he can command or if any team is willing to invest that much money in him for more than a few years.

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Giancarlo Stanton also factors into the Yankees' outfield plans. "Nolan Arenado's progress on a multi-year extension with the Rockies, which would remove him from next offseason's free-agent market if the deal gets completed, should remind the Yankees that a good plan today trumps a flawless plan for 270 tomorrows from now". That was sometime around October 29. It could be a meeting just to see where Harper stands. But not this time.

Jon Heyman of MLB Network followed up by reporting that the Giants have actually been in the same room as the superstar outfielder.

The 26-year-old Las Vegas, Nevada is the most coveted player on the free agent market.

"If he comes over, he makes the team better", Gregorius said. "Yeah, I do think things can change and your target list evolves over the course of the offseason".