What Time Is It? Daylight Saving Time Springs Ahead

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In the early morning hours of March 10, many people will find their clocks springing forward in recognition of daylight saving time. Clocks will move back an hour on the first Sunday in November.

There is one less hour of making poor choices at your favourite watering hole.

Despite plenty of ways to adjust, British Columbians are clearly ready to hit snooze on Daylight Savings Time.

Payday is one hour closer.

This weekend, Americans will once again navigate their complex relationship with the chronically confusing and arguably misnamed daylight saving time.

And if all else fails - remember, spring is one hour closer! Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are among the places that still reject DST. No more switching back and forth, no more confusion, no more spending time adjusting dozens of clocks in your house or office.

For most of Mexico, daylight saving time doesn't begin until the first Sunday of April, and won't end until the last Sunday of October. The most common concern raised involved the safety of schoolchildren, more of whom would go to school in the morning in the dark during winter if states maintain daylight saving time year-round. Rick Scott signed - a bill in 2018 agreeing to let the sun shine an extra hour longer year-round, U.S. Sens.

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One clear example of that is CT, where state Rep. Kurt Vail has carried a bill for years now urging that his state move permanently to Atlantic Standard Time year-round, but only if MA does.

The implementation of Daylight Saving Time is another complicated topic. Studies have shown that automobile accidents, workplace injuries, heart attacks, strokes, cluster headaches, miscarriages, depression, and suicides all increase in the weeks following clock changes. "Reset your clocks Saturday afternoon, and if you are sleepy, go to bed a little early Saturday evening", Badr said.

Though the US has other daylight policies dating back to 1918, daylight saving time as it's now observed is because of the Uniform Time Act, signed in 1966 by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Tonight's the night we spring ahead.

- The entire southern hemisphere: A few countries, mostly in South America, do observe daylight saving time. It was also viewed as a way to get more people out doing things (namely spending money) during the week.

A separate, similar bill, SB 5139 from Republican Senator Jim Honeyford, would also keep the state on daylight saving time all year round.

The Standard Time Act established time zones and daylight saving in 1918, but it was short-lived.