Kushner Inc. Book Alleges Donald Trump Wanted to Fire Ivanka | Personal Space

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The story does, however, point out a common mistake for a Trump White House that seemingly makes a lot of them.

Corallo, who ultimately left his role on the president's legal team after only three months on the job, said Jared and Ivanka would frequently intrude on meetings between the president and his lawyers, raising complex legal concerns about attorney-client privilege.

According to Kushner, Inc., a yet-to-be released book by investigative reporter Vicky Ward already seen by The Guardian, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told Kushner in June 2017 that his support for the Saudi-led blockade of Qatar, which hosted some 10,000 American troops, "had endangered the US".

Ivanka Trump's comments came after the president initially blamed both sides for the violence, a day later condemned the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis, and a day after that said there were "some very fine people" on both sides of a clash that pitted anti-fascist protesters against marchers who had chanted "Jews will not replace us".

'You've got to be insane, ' Cohn is said to have told Kushner.

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"Kushner, Inc.", a new book about Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump has revealed more details about the chaos swirling around the White House when President Donald Trump made a decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey.

The New York Times reported on the first shocking excerpt from the book, which claimed President Trump told his incoming White House chief of staff John Kelly in 2017 that his daughter and son-in-law were lacking in media savvy and that he wanted them to move away from Washington. According to Ward, the letter was initially sent to the wrong White House printer.

In response to the book, a representative for Kushner said "It seems [Ward] has written a book of fiction rather than any serious attempt to get the facts".

Ward fired back on Twitter, saying that 'the 220 people I interviewed for the book might beg to disagree'. "Correcting everything wrong would take too long and be pointless".

According to the book, Kelly told the president at the time that it would be problematic to fire them but later agreed with Trump that they "would make life hard enough to force the pair to offer their resignations".