Louis Vuitton pulls Michael Jackson-themed items from collection

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People also reported Jackson's hospitalization.

Following the documentary's premiere back in January, the Jackson estate called it nothing but a "tabloid character assassination", while Jackson's music has been dropped from radio airwaves around the world, and his appearance on The Simpsons being removed from streaming services in recent weeks.

The report states the following.

The 20-year-old was rushed to hospital after EMS responded to a call to Paris' LA home at 7:30am, local time.

Still, that seems a little vague and no representative for LAPD has yet spoken publicly with their name attached to the statement confirming the report.

James Safechuck alleges Jackson sexually abused him from a young age in the controversial documentary.

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Responding to a Tweet from Real Housewives star Bethenny Frankel, who is somehow also mixed up in this story now, Jackson wrote "lies lies lies omg and more lies". Since Leaving Neverland first hit the airwaves, Paris' father Michael Jackson has become the subject of a reactionary movement aimed at muting his legacy and influence.

Paris is the daughter of Jackson and Debbie Rowe, who he married at the Sheraton on the Park hotel in Sydney in 1996.

Taj has made it clear that the renewed speculation into Michael Jackson's behavior and allegations he sexually abused Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck has been extremely hard for his family.

Jackson has been the subject of increased public attention since the documentary Leaving Neverland aired, with fresh claims of child sexual abuse against her father.

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