Game of Thrones Poster Gives Way to Death Theories

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The actress went on to share her own reaction to reading the scripts for the final season.

Aside from teasing the Night King's arrival, the trailer takes a few moments to dwell on familiar artifacts: a weathered House Stark banner, Jon Snow's Longclaw, Daenerys' chain, Jaime's gold hand, Arya's Needle, and so on. When her mother asked her daughter to remind her of what happens, Clarke told her the opportunity for spoiling the ending had passed and now her mom would have to watch the series finale like everyone else.

Anyway, all of this is a long way of saying that the living are probably going to get their asses handed to them by the dead at the Battle of Winterfell and there WILL be some serious casualties.

With the show famous for its unpredictable twists and turns, the trailers have left fans even more impatient for the show's penultimate season, and more afraid than ever for their favourite characters.

The final season of HBO's fantasy epic has the shortest run of any season so far, with just six episodes.

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Maisie responds, "I dunno, like during shooting like the final days were really like emotional saying goodbye to all of the cast". "Because when I found out that Arya died in, like, the second episode", she said nonchalantly of her character, before quickly covering her mouth in horror.

"If she falls asleep on a plane, I'm quite anxious she's going to say it [talking in her sleep] and not know it happened", Clarke joked.

She said: "It made me petrified most of the time". Her mom just can't remember a thing about it.

But before you go into a blind panic, don't worry, it was just an "April fools". We then see a feather fluttering over the ramparts and catch sight of a number of items associated with our heroes. Before we proceed, you should know that some potential Game of Thrones spoilers may follow below, so you should stay away if you want to avoid any Game of Thrones chatter before season 8 kicks off on April 14th.