Ethiopian crew followed Boeing's procedures, but couldn't prevent crash

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Investigators from France and America are assisting in the probe.

The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System was active during the Ethiopian flight, Dagmawit told the New York Times after the news conference.

What do you think of this news? In October 2018 a Lion Air flight JT 610 crashed into the sea near Indonesia killing all of the 189 people on board. The 737 Max family of aircraft has since been grounded, affecting more than 300 planes, BBC News reported. The FAA is responsible for regulating aviation in the USA and operating the nation's air traffic control system.

"Most of the wreckage was found buried in the ground", said the report by Ethiopia's Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau. A final report could take as long as a year to produce.

"We are very proud of our pilots' compliances to follow the emergency procedures and high level of professional performances in such extremely hard situations", he said.

Nader called on consumers to boycott the 737 MAX 8 and blasted the FAA for delegating so much responsibility in certifying the plane was safe to Boeing.

She also said her agency will recommend that aviation authorities verify that Boeing has "adequately addressed" flight control issues "before release of the aircraft to operations".

The crash has also raised questions about the aircraft's approval to fly. She added that an global team investigating the crash includes the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration in the U.S., France's BEA and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

Boeing said it would study the report.

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According to the sources, the pilots did not try to electronically pull the nose of the plane up before following Boeing's emergency procedures of disengaging power to the horizontal stabilizer on the rear of the aircraft.

Boeing said a statement on Wednesday: "We urge caution against speculating and drawing conclusions on the findings prior to the release of the flight data and the preliminary report". Boeing was close to a software fix when the Ethiopian Airlines jet went down.

The investigation into the Boeing crash is expected to take up to a year, but the worldwide grounding of planes is a costly exercise for both the manufacturer and the airlines.

"Pilots tried to control the plane repeatedly but were not able to do so, " Dagmawit said at the briefing.

The transport minister said initial findings showed the plane was airworthy and that takeoff was initially 'normal'.

Boeing is facing several lawsuits, including seven filed in Chicago earlier by one law firm alone, claiming the flight-control system was defective and that Boeing failed to warn airlines about it or fully train pilots.

Passengers included 32 Kenyans, 18 Canadians, nine Ethiopians and eight Americans.

"Your Safety will remain our top most priority and we willcontinue to work together with our partners around the world to make air travel saferand more comfortable".

It was the second fatal crash of a Boeing 737 Max in five months.