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To cut to the chase, Borderlands 3's official launch date is set for 13 September 2019.

This is the case with Borderlands 3 right now, having announced a six month exclusivity deal with the Epic Games Store, fans of the series have taken to the forum to start their revolution by leaving nasty reviews on the older games in the franchise.

Borderlands 3 has managed to stay in the news nearly every day leading up to its official launch. Add that Epic only takes a 12 percent revenue cut (Steam now takes 30 percent) from games sold on its platform, and it's a party for game makers big and small. The game will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Unfortunately, this is not limited to Borderlands 2.

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The move to make Borderlands 3 temporarily exclusive has made some folks angry enough to review-bomb prior Borderlands games on Steam.

Borderlands 3 joins an impressive list of exclusive titles acquired by the Epic Games Store since its announcement last December. It's a devilishly hard game that will challenge you to think outside the box in more ways than one. "But delivery is only half the deal, so is Epic offering financial incentives, above and beyond we've worked to ensure it's genuinely worthwhile for developers to move to the Epic Games store".

Suffice it to say, Epic Games isn't pulling any punches in its challenge to Steam's dominance as a digital distributor. The company had previously stated it didn't want to pursue exclusivity deals with games close to a Steam release, but Tim Sweeney is now saying otherwise. The current Borderlands titles in user libraries will be upgraded to the Game of the Year Edition for free.

Other games, however, could still be susceptible to review bomb tactics if lag time becomes a standard part of the new anti-review-bomb system.