What does a black hole look like? We're about to find out

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As we expected, the global collaboration of scientists involved in the Event Horizon Telescope project have made good on their promise to provide the first-ever visual evidence of a black hole. And some likened the black hole to the image of the black hole sun in the video for the song.

The data used to create the image could help scientists better understand gravity and other phenomena, said Charles Gammie, an astronomy and physics professor at the University of IL.

While photographing the interior of a black hole is not possible, what the world could see is the image of a black hole's silhouette. Specifically, researchers looked at the event horizon, the outer limits of where light can no longer escape the intense gravity of the black hole.

The astronomers said they weren't surprised by anything in the image, which reconfirms Einstein's general relativity theory.

As Lai explained, it's hard to see black hole shadows clearly because any images are blurred by interstellar gas, which presents a complicated challenge for the EHT team.

Images of SgrA are likely to show a lopsided ring of brightness due to gravity bending light closer to the black hole more strongly than light further away.

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"Think of a star ten times more massive than the Sun squeezed into a sphere approximately the diameter of New York City, " according to NASA. And it could change our view of the universe, revealing some of its most mysterious and fundamental processes.

Three years ago, scientists used highly sensitive observing equipment to pick up the sound of two smaller black holes coming together to create a gravitational wave.

Scientists are about to make a record-breaking unveiling of the first picture of the black hole Sagittarius A, which is the centre of our galaxy Milky Way.

The fact that black holes do not allow light to escape makes viewing them hard. The black hole itself is invisible (don't expect to see anything like the special effects in Interstellar), but the surrounding matter illuminates its "shadow", which can be seen.

Eight telescopes across the globe participated in the observations in 2017. Nearly every galaxy in the universe has a black hole at its center, including our Milky Way, he said.