Black holes shine a light on the origins of the universe

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Astronomers have captured the first ever image of a black hole.

The 37-year-old was among the first 20 people who saw the images of the black hole after it was processed.

The EHT team said that their imaging methods revealed a bright, ring-like structure with a dark central region - the black hole's shadow.

The team also tried capturing an image of the supermassive black hole at the center of an elliptical galaxy known as M87, more than 50 million light-years from Earth. Black holes are the universe's most powerful vacuum. Moreover, the centre of the black hole has time and space curved up to the extent that law of physics break down.

The National Science Foundation and Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration shared the image earlier today, using radio dishes laid out across five continents to create one massive Earth-size telescope to snag the incredible photo.

Scientists say that the black hole image findings support Einstein's theory of general relativity.

Its mass is 6 1/2 billion times that of the sun and it was in a "modest active state" at the time of the photo, according to Sera Markoff, a member of the Event Horizon Telescope Science Council. Unlike smaller black holes, which come from dying stars, supermassive black holes' origins have never been determined. We will, however, mention that any doubts about the presence of black holes were effectively removed when LIGO, Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, picked up a collision of two distant black holes, sending a shiver through the space-time fabric.

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This story has been corrected to show that the black hole is located in the M87 galaxy, and not the Milky Way.

"History books will be divided into the time before the image and after the image", said Michael Kramer from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in one of the press conferences. The mystique of black holes in the community is very substantial.

Left: MIT computer scientist Katie Bouman w/stacks of hard drives of black hole image data.

Scientists said the event horizon of this black hole - the point beyond which everything that enters is consumed by it - is as large as our solar system. But the biggest black holes are the ones that form at the center of galaxies as they evolve.

Normally, a black hole would not even be visible in an image, but we can view it due to the "hot disk of material" encircling it.

Even though the data was first gathered in 2017, it required a huge effort to produce the image released on Wednesday. "We have seen and taken a picture of a black hole", announced Sheperd Doeleman of Harvard, leader of the project. The global collaboration made a decision to focus on the black hole at the center of galaxy M87 because of its gargantuan size and other characteristics. That's a simple difference to explain-initial evidence shows that we're viewing M87's black hole from closer to one of the poles, rather than from head on. I'm sure many other times in human history, people saw something for the first time. and what you see, you can not unsee. On the other hand also a lot of questions about Black holes are not yet clarified, such as the matter swirls right in the throat.

Scientists are hoping that the image will help them to understand Einstein's theory of general relativity and quantum mechanics.