Biden: ‘We’ve Got Jim Crow Sneaking Back In’

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If you are the perceived flag-bearer of the Democratic establishment and are compared to the creepy uncle with a problem for respecting personal space while you are also the candidate who is on record praising Robert E. Lee, how much more fodder can you give your Democratic primary opponents? Holmes said Biden must "hold on for dear life" to his current polling numbers, which show him doubling all other candidates, including Sanders.

Former Vice President Joe Biden warned on Saturday that Americans had to worry about "Jim Crow sneaking back in" in the form of voter laws aimed at what he called, "quote, people of color".

President Donald Trump has been quick to cook up derisive nicknames for his Democratic critics and rivals: "Crooked" Hillary Clinton, "Goofy" Elizabeth Warren and "Crazy" Bernie Sanders, among others.

"We could just start with clown", Biden told about three dozen supporters at a $1,000-to-$2,800 per person fundraiser in Columbia, South Carolina. "The presidency is an office that requires some dignity". Biden's initial campaign agenda to SC included a fundraiser and a Sunday morning visit to a black church in Columbia.

Trump called Biden "Sleepy Joe" in response to the former vice president hopping in the race.

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Sanders pointed to Biden's votes in favor of the war in Iraq and his deregulation of Wall Street as clear evidence the former DE senator has few friends on the "new Left".

"We have a separation of powers, we don't have an authoritarian government", Sanders said. "It is very, very hard, but clearly they are a threat to the planet", Sanders said.

Biden told donors he does not believe he is the only Democrat who can beat Trump. She's a good candidate.

"No, I wish we were in high school and I could take him behind the gym, that's what I wish", he said to roaring applause.

The explanation is the latest in a series of answers Sanders has given in the past week differentiating himself from his fellow 2020 Democratic primary front-runner - the pair have topped almost every poll gauging the race - following Biden's formal entrance into the race on April 25.