Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signs nation's strictest abortion bill into law

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Alabama's Republican governor signed the most stringent abortion legislation in the nation Wednesday, making performing an abortion a felony in almost all cases.

"To the bill's many supporters, this legislation stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians' deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God", Ivey said in a statement after signing the bill. It is the most restrictive in a series of antiabortion laws recently enacted in states such as Georgia and OH pushed by Republican politicians emboldened by a conservative majority on the Supreme Court that they believe would uphold any new limitations.

"It just completely disregards women and the value of women and their voice".

"Let this be a warning to the anti-abortion politicians in OH and across the country: if you attack our right to abortion, we will always be here to defend it", said Watson. Linda Coleman-Madison, a Birmingham Democrat.

Planned Parenthood joined the American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday in filing a legal challenge to Ohio's recent ban on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

"As citizens of this great country, we must always respect the authority of the U.S. Supreme Court even when we disagree with their decisions", she said.

OH legislators, whose previous Republican governor vetoed two versions of abortion bans after six weeks, moved quickly on approving restrictions under its new, more conservative governor Mike DeWine.

"The people who are outraged about this are not the people who are electing these guys, generally speaking, especially when we're talking about the primary", he said. "You don't have to provide for that child", Democratic State Sen. Doug Jones, who scored a surprise win in a 2017 special election.

But supporters of the Alabama ban said the right to life of the fetus transcended other rights, an idea they would like tested at the Supreme Court.

While women won't be criminally charged if they get an abortion, any doctor who performs an abortion could be charged with multiple felonies and face up to 99 years in prison-effectively banning the procedure. The only exception would be when the woman's health is at serious risk. Just three women cast votes on the bill, the Washington Post reported, and all amendments introduced by the state's female senators were dismissed.

"We are so thankful to have a governor who protects Life at every level and is willing to fight for the lives of preborn children to the very end, no matter how hard that fight may be", Father Terry Gensemer, the Director of CEC for Life and an Alabama resident, told LifeSiteNews.

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Ivey acknowledged Wednesday that the measure may be unenforceable in the short term.

'It's going to be some time before the court even addresses that question. "They're trying to overturn Roe v. Wade. Is that baby in the womb a person?"

Only 18 percent of Americans believe abortion should be illegal in all instances, according to a Gallup poll.

"We haven't lost a case in Alabama yet and we don't plan to start now. But my humble view is that this is not the case we want to bring to the Supreme Court because I think this one will lose", Robertson said on his program, "The 700 Club".

Three abortion facilities are now operating in Alabama - in Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, and Huntsville.

Clinic staff on Wednesday fielded calls from patients, and potential patients, wrongly anxious that abortion was now illegal in the state.

Meanwhile, GLAAD tweeted: "Many LGBTQ people rely on abortion care and they deserve access to safe and legal abortions in the state they live in".

"This is a really sad day for women in Alabama and all across the nation", she said.

Now, a number of LGBT+ rights activists and organisations across the USA are warning that the law's impact will likely extend to their community.

But the bill's sponsor, Rep. Terri Collins, said that's the point.