‘Big Baller’ LaVar Ball and sons invade WWE Monday Night RAW

‘Big Baller’ LaVar Ball and sons invade WWE Monday Night RAW

LaVar Ball has found his true home, and while it was in the Staples Center, it was even more intimate than that: inside a WWE ring. The Ball family lives near LA and were pushing for him to end up with the Lakers during the draft process.

LaVar Ball, the National Basketball Association dad who was made for the WWE, appeared on Monday Night Raw at the Staples Center and did not disappoint.

With sons, Lonzo – in his first appearance in the Staples Center as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers – and LaMelo looking on, LaVar was the center of attention.

The segment was a vehicle to promote Big Baller Brand, with four mannequins in the ring displaying various versions of the brand’s $50 T-shirts and dialogue based around a potential partnership between Big Baller and “The Miz“.

As expected, there were Michael Jordan references and LaVar dropping his catchphrases such as “Stay in yo lane”, and of course just being overall, over the top.

Var taking his shirt off.

“The inappropriate language used by a guest during the “Miz TV” segment was not scripted nor reflects WWE’s values”, WWE said in a statement.

LaVar Ball would make a pretty good professional wrestling character, don’t you think?