Consent, discord and debut of France’s ‘new boy — European Union summit

Consent, discord and debut of France’s ‘new boy — European Union summit

Britain’s departure in 2019 will cause the European Union to lose one of its biggest members and a global player, but the other European Union nations were already looking at some of the spoils of the divorce.

After a string of small-scale attacks in European capitals this week, the EU leaders agreed Thursday to join efforts against online extremism and European fighters who go overseas to fight jihad, and to jointly develop or purchase military equipment like drones.

After a string of small-scale attacks this week on European capitals, Tusk said “terrorism is still a major threat”.

Macron’s office says he sought a separate meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Poland’s Beata Szydlo, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka and Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico.

Macron’s first public appearance at official European Union level was “not very encouraging“, Orban told journalists on the sidelines of the European Union leaders summit that started Thursday in Brussels.

“I won’t compromise on European principles – on solidarity or democratic values. There are quite a few veterans here, who have been labouring for decades”.

Macron’s “entrance was not very encouraging, because yesterday he thought that the best form of friendship was to kick the Central European countries. That’s not the norm here”.

“The real change I’ve made on this question, is that I haven’t said the deposing of Bashar al Assad is a prerequisite for everything”, Macron said in an interview with several European newspapers.

“We are working hand in hand with Germany…”

Leading a discussion on counter terrorism at the European Council summit, Mrs May urged EU leaders to help to “rid terrorist material from the internet in all our languages”.

One EU diplomat said that the summit declaration would essentially mean agreeing only to ask the Commission to provide guidelines on foreign takeovers.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel then had his quick retort. “Because no one has shown me a legitimate successor”. “If need be, we are ready to also adopt relevant legislation”.

“If we back this image that Brexit perhaps would not happen, it brings an uncertainty”. The issue of citizens’ rights is especially sensitive in the Brexit talks.

“Secondly, the stability of Syria, because I don’t want a failed state”, the French President said.

May said “that has been an important issue”.

Warning of the potential for a “failed state” if Assad were forcibly removed, 39-year-old Macron said the cooperation of the Syrian leader’s key ally Russian Federation was needed to “eradicate” the Islamic extremists fighting Damascus. Europe is a common destiny.

“Europe isn’t a supermarket”.

She added that she and French President Emmanuel Macron both agreed that the timetable for projects should be “ambitious”. She made it clear that Britain wants reciprocal measures for the 1.5 million British citizens living in the EU.

Trump berated his European partners on military spending at a raucous North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels last month.

Discord over whether Britain’s exit process could still be reversed surfaced at the summit.

On Tuesday, she said she was prepared to consider additional Macron proposals, which include a finance minister and parliament for the eurozone, “if the circumstances are right”.