Doctors: Scalise in critical condition but they are ‘encouraged’ by his improvement

Doctors: Scalise in critical condition but they are ‘encouraged’ by his improvement

With Thursday’s game, Democrats have won 40 of the contests over the years.

“It’s been much more hard than people even thought at the time”, Trump said of the treatment of Scalise, the No. 3 GOP leader, who is in critical condition and underwent a third surgery at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

Scalise and three others were shot by 66-year-old James Hodgkinson during a GOP baseball practice on Wednesday. Two Capitol Police officers sustained relatively minor injuries, as did a congressional aide, and they have been released from hospitals.

Hodgkinson, who had a history of posting angry messages against Trump and other Republicans on social media, died after being wounded by police.

“The Democrat base voter is who shot up the Republican Congress today in Virginia, he was a mainstream Democrat voter”, said popular conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on the Wednesday episode of his show. “We now have no evidence to suggest that the purchases were not lawful”.

“They have a friendship that dates back to their days together in the Lousisiana house”, DuBos said.

When Scalise arrived in the hospital, he had an “imminent risk of death” and was “as critical as you can be”, doctors also said.

Hodgkinson, a left-wing activist who volunteered on the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, shot five people at the Republican baseball practice before he was killed by Capitol Police officers at the scene.

Scalise remains in critical condition at a hospital near the Capitol and has undergone multiple surgeries.

Republicans and Democrats are fighting for bragging rights in the annual congressional baseball game as one unit – Team Scalise.

The lawmakers took the field with many wearing hats to honor Scalise. “And throughout the whole game, we will all be Team Scalise”, Pelosi said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the attack, which has raised questions about lawmakers’ security, renewed the nation’s contentious debate over guns and drawn fresh attention to the harsh rhetoric that reflects the deep political divisions in America.

Announcing the changes during a speech in Miami, Mr Trump said Cuba had secured far too many concessions from the United States in the “misguided” deal but “now those days are over”.

“By playing tonight we are showing the world that we will not be intimidated by threats, acts of violence or assaults on our democracy”, said President Donald Trump, appearing on the park’s giant screen but not attending. “We’ve had a very, very divided country for many years”.

Many lawmakers in both parties called for unity after the shooting.

Representative Joe Crowley, a Democrat from NY, said he lays blame for the shooting partially at the feet of the President. He said Republicans were on the field, shortly before the gunman began shooting at them.

Republican Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania rose on the House floor to issue a call to “replace the hateful rhetoric and resistance with respect”, a comment seemingly aimed at an anti-Trump “Resist” movement.

The baseball tradition is said to have forged a friendship between Richmond and his fellow Louisiana representative Steve Scalise.