Donald Trump ‘yells at TVs in the White House’ about Russian Federation investigation

Donald Trump ‘yells at TVs in the White House’ about Russian Federation investigation

A slight majority of respondents did not approve of Trump’s decision to fire former FBI director James Comey, though the poll also indicated a lack of confidence regarding the independent investigation being led by special counsel Robert Mueller.

The US president admitted that he is under federal investigation in a Twitter post, writing: “I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!”

The Democratic National Committee, in a statement Friday, said that Rosenstein, who has authority over Mueller, needs to recuse himself from the Russian Federation investigation and that control of the investigation should not be given to another presidential appointee.

The vice president’s office said thatPence has retained Richard Cullen, a Richmond-based lawyer and chairman of McGuire-Woods who previously served as a United States attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Confidants and advisers close to Mr Trump said his fury was mounting at the probe and he had been yelling at TV sets about its press coverage.

If Trump does fire Rosenstein, or he recuses himself, Mueller’s investigation would be overseen by Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand who the Senate confirmed in May to be the third-highest ranking official at the Justice Department.

In reality, Trump isn’t out of the woods, not by a long shot, and he has to understand that his fate depends not just on the things that happened before, but also on his self-discipline going forward. “As the deputy attorney general has said numerous times, if there comes a point when he needs to recuse, he will”, Justice Department spokesman Ian Prior said in a statement.

“The message the president is sending through his tweets is that he believes the rule of law doesn’t apply to him and that anyone who thinks otherwise will be fired”, Feinstein said. Rosenstein told The Associated Press this month he would recuse himself from any oversight of Mueller if he were to become a subject of the probe.

But Rosenstein has privately told people at the Justice Department, as ABC News first reported, that he may need to step aside from his role supervising the special-counsel investigation, according to officials familiar with the conversations. Though some in the White House have preached caution, fearing a repeat of the firestorm over Comey’s firing, many in Trump’s orbit – including his son Donald Trump Jr. and adviser Newt Gingrich – have deemed Mueller biased and worthy of dismissal.

Rosenstein has been overseeing the Russian Federation probe since shortly after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself.

Rosenstein could eventually be questioned by Mueller about his memo on Comey and what motivated Trump to ask him to write it. Reporters who shouted questions for clarification after Trump stepped off Marine One on his return to the White House on Friday from a Miami trip got no answers. Pence headed the Trump transition until Inauguration Day.

Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, also has retained an attorney to represent him. The transition, a nonprofit structurally separate from the Trump campaign, continues to operate with a small staff.

First, they thought refusing to enlist a select committee to investigate the Russian Federation affair would put distance between themselves and the White House.